❤ About Me

Hey girlies and welcome to my blog :) I'm Caitlin if you don't know already and I am 22 (btw that scares the crap out of me) from the Berkshire Area.
This blog really only started as a spin off of my Youtube. I am a Beauty Vlogger and create videos from Makeup Tutorials to Hauls and everything in between. I started on Youtube long before I entered into the beauty side I was originally just a plane old regular Vlogger. My sister, good friend and I decided to create a channel where we would vlog everyday well I say everyday that didn't happen a lot.  we were inspired by some of my favorite youtuber's who vlog for a living and thought we would give it a try it lasted nearly a year but with work and school we just couldn't commit to it any longer.
As time went on I was told I could do nail tutorials and well thats where it started and here I am today. I love making beauty videos it a lot of fun for me!

I'm British Born, American at Heart I travel to the US as much as I can I just love the life I have out there its nothing special but its where my Bestie lives and being over 4k miles away does suck a lot.

A little bit more about me hmmm I am a huge animal lover, my friends and family are my life, Glitter makes me happy and I am a HUGE TV junkie I get overly obsessed with my favorite TV shows...

My Bestie couldn't live without her she is more my older sister ❤☆

Some of my closest friends ❤
Not the best picture of my and my mum but oh well ❤
oh yea and I'm an Identical twin if you didn't know... ❤

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