Monday, 30 September 2013

Glossybox September 2013 Unboxing & Review *The London Edition*

With it being September it means fashion week has been kicking off all over and this actually arrived after fashion week but it is the theme of this months box and I have to say I do think the box design is pretty cool :)
Loving the paper inside as well so unique adds such a pretty twist to this months subscription.
A quick look at the products....

Elizabeth Arden - Untold Perfume. Price: £48 for 50ml, £69 for 100ml -
I first heard of this perfume in a Shaaanxo video and thought hmm pretty cool bottle seeing as I am sucker for packaging Ill be honest that's what attracted me to it but it actually smell pretty good to!! Its a very strong and mature floral scent but at the right event it would be perfect, I am very much a sweet kinda scent person so this will be a great change.

Eylure - Pre-glued Lashes. Price: £5.06 -
I love me some eyelashes but I seriously suck at putting them on I have found only 1 pair that I can apply and not look a crazy eyelash lady that got ready in the dark!! I'm pretty excited to try these out though the whole pre-glued thing interests me it will be good to see if they actually work.

Toni & Guy HairMeet Wardrobe - Classic Shine & Gloss Serum. Price: £7.19 for 30ml -
If you hadn't already noticed through this blog that anything haircare related I am on it like nothing else. I freaking love this serum I just run it through the ends on my hair after I use a flat iron makes them super soft and shiny. I haven't used to many Toni & Guy products only because they can be a little expensive but I would def recommend this for someone looking for a nice hair serum.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics - Onyx Eye Liner. Price: $14 for 3g -

Ekk was so excited to see a product by these guys, Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom is always getting things from beauty box (she is subscription box queen!!) and I am always super jealous because they always seem to be lip products. Anyway I love this eyeliner I'm not the biggest fan of felt tip liners but I love that you can get so many looks out of it. Super sad we cant get it in the UK though.

Rimmel - Stay Blushed Blusher in Pop of Pink. Price: £4.49 for 14ml -

This is probably a first for me I have never used a liquid or cream blush only because I feel it will go horribly wrong and I will look like a pink faced crazy lady. I love the colour very me so I am looking forward to trying it out if I can ever get the hang of applying it.

That's all for this months Glossybox I know its super late I have been crazy busy preparing to leave for the US.

If you would like to sign up to Glossybox click here :) (*)

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Freshley Pinned

I did a post similar to this a few months back with all my recent and favorites pins that I had pinned over on Pinterest and well I have been a little Pinterest crazy lately (okay I'm Pinterest crazy all the time haha)
If you aren't already go over and follow my boards I have a bit of everything :)

Anyway I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for this Wednesday's Oh, how Pinteresting!

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Review: Primark Beauty *£1 Lipsticks*

The other week I did a little shopping at Primark and came across the beauty section I hadn't realised that Primark did beauty products until a few hauls popped up in my sub box. So I thought what the hell when I'm there I will pick up a few pieces and see what the quality is like.

I have to say for the price I am pretty impressed with some of the products and well some not so much but for the price its not a huge waste.

So lets start out with their lipsticks. I picked up the only 3 colours that I could find in my store which was a super super light pink which later I realised has actually had its coloured bleached my what I assume the store lights, a bright magenta colour and then a more deep pink colour. I have really been trying to expand my lip colours for fall and branch out into something I wouldn't normally wear. well with these only being £1 a piece I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try some new things out.

I dont think you can see it that well but the very top of the lipstick is a few shades lighter than the original lipstick colour.

Here are some swatches they unfortunately don't have any colour names just a jumble of numbers.

and on the lips...
Super Light Pink *Not a good look*

The Magenta

The Deep Pink
Before I start talking about the colours I will say I am pretty impressed with the quality of these for the price! They are super creamy and I find the darkest of the 3 did have some pretty amazing staying power I didn't test the first two so I am not 100% on those. If you are looking to try different lipstick colours but don't want to spend a to much money I would really recommend just trying these out and if they aren't your cup of tea its only £1 wasted instead on £6 - £10 from the drugstore.

Now onto the colours as you can see the light pink not so pretty on the lips it kinda makes me look dead and even with my super light skin tone its just not a good look. I don't know if it will look any better if I can get past the bleach out part of the lipstick if the original colour will look any better. The Magenta colour I think is probably my fave out of them all its a lovely bright pink that's pretty pigmented and still holds a glossy finish. I think it will probably be my most used out of the 3. The last one although is pretty similar to the magenta it is actually pretty sheer although really does hold its colour once applied.

So for the lipstick I give them a thumbs up very impressed :)

Keep an eye out for my next review on Primark Beauty with some eye products!!

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