Sunday, 31 March 2013



Hope everyone has had a great Easter its already evening here and the clocks went forward last night so today has been super short but I know a bunch of my US friends still have the day ahead of them :)

Today for me hasnt been a big day or anything we stopped doing anything for Easter a long time ago and when over a 4 day weekend I usually only end up with 1 day off we tend to just have a relaxing day at home with movies.
This year for the first time I think in about 5 years I actually got an Easter egg well I can egg it was a Kinder Black sheep with lots of yummy kinder chocolate at the bottom of the box :)
How freaking cute is this??
I have been pretty overloaded with candy this week earlier int he week HQ at work sent down a HUGE Easter candy box (they do it pretty regularly actually usually its after the new iPhone launches though)
lots and lots of mini eggs
I grab some as soon as I saw them seeing as I work with 4 other guys I wouldn't have got a look in if I had left it any longer.
The mini eggs though led to my mini baking session today and made some mini egg cookies super yummy!!

So that as my Easter Sunday what did your bring? or what do you plan on doing today?

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Its that time of the week again for Thursday Thoughts!! Linking up with Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom :)

- I really want to find a new subscription service I love the boxes I get I really wish the UK had more to offer like the US.

- I'm stupidly excited about Ikea tomorrow I don't have one close by and I have only been once before in my 21 years of life!!

- I am kind of bummed out that Ive had to push back my trip back tot he USA to Sept/Oct because flights are way to expensive for when I wanted to go in August.

- I have no many shows to watch on Hulu but I hate the fact most are on Hulu Plus and they wont take my payment to set up an account. Anyone wanna set up and account for me and Ill pay you?

- Ive come to realize I don't hate my job as much as I thought I actually kind of enjoy it when 1 particular person isn't around!

- I love it when head office sends out gift packages we had a HUGE Easter candy box delivered the other day! we normal get huge boxes of Candy and chocolates for iPhone Launches and different holidays.

- I cant wait to try making mini egg cookies on Sunday!

Thats all for my Thursday thoughts this week :)


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask

So let me start by saying I am 100% a hair product Junkie whether its a new heat protect spray, shampoo or a new oil out there I usually end up picking it up. Recently in a desperate attempt to get my hair to grow and quit breaking on me I have pretty much brought any Hair deep repair mask I can get my hands on.

Anyway onto the product in question...
I actually picked this up I'd say probably the end of last year after seeing it in Sally Express. I have one just up the road from me and try to pop in to see new haircare and nail polish every now and again.
I'm probably stupid but I usually forget to read reviews before purchasing somethings which I know is bad but the pot said intensive deep repair mask so therefore I had to buy it...

The first time I tried this product (I followed the timing etc on the instructions) I really wasn't impressed I didn't feel like it did anything to my hair it didn't feel like it repaired anything to be honest! So this past Monday I thought why not try it out again (Ive been using my all time favorite a lot recently and scared id use it up so I decided to go back to some older ones I had) Over the time that Ive been using these masks Ive come to learn for my hair its put as much on as I can and for as long as I can, I am happy to sit with one of these masks on my hair for 5-6 hours with my head wrapped in saran wrap and a towel to keep my head warm. 
So that's what I did this time and well I still don't like it! 
My hair was greasy after I thoroughly wash the mask out, not the wet look your hair gets but it was dry on the ends still and just felt oily I had to put more argan oil than I normally to do get anywhere close to soft ends.
Unfortunatly there is nothing intensive or deep repairing about this product.

In the end I just think this really isn't a great product I'll probably use it to just use it up if its the last resort I have but I will not be purchasing it again although its cheap for a £1 or £2 I have picked up some AMAZING hair masks just not this one sadly.
I know this could just be my hair getting on with the product some may love it but its just not something my hair agrees with.

Any good hair mask recommendations that you think I should try? let me know down below in the comments :)


Friday, 22 March 2013

Birchbox UK Review & Unboxing March 2013

With Mothers day in the UK being March 10th this months box has the theme of Role Models. I personally don't celebrate mothers day (due to my mums request not because Im a horrible daughter or anything) but anyway the box was a pretty good one this month :)

The Products!! some yummy treats taking up most of this photo lol

Laura Geller - Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. Price: £24.50
I have a few Laura Geller Products from a giveaway I won on YouTube last year and I do really like them I think they are kind of over priced for what they are I mean I would never pay £24.50 for a Gel eyeliner, MAC's Fluid Lines are only £14 so £24.50 is crazy to me. Anyway back to the product haha Great product to be getting in a box and will use it pretty regularly :)

Molton Brown - Valbonne Fragrance. Price: £65
I love that we are getting more and more perfume samples in the boxes but this really isn't my scent at all not a huge fan.

RMK - Cleansing Balm. Price: £29
When I first got this I had no idea what I was meant to do with it but since reading up on it it makes a little bit more sense. For those like me who have/had no idea what the little fella was meant for it apparently mean for taking your makeup off, once it makes contact with your skin it turns into a liquid. It is said that "The Rose scented balm echoes your mum or grandmother's cold cream" I look forward to trying it it smells pretty good :)

La Sultane De Saba - Body Lotion with Argan Oil. Price £26.50
Im not really a massive body lotion kind of person only because I forgot to put it on. This smell pretty strong to me but I think I will def use it when I travel, its always great to have a something like this when flying :) I love the packaging design thought very cute.

Yu-Be - Moisturizing Skin Cream. Price: £19.50
This little thing is the best seller in Japan from 1957, I have used from Japanese/Korean skin products in the past and they have been pretty good so I have high hopes for this cream. Its meant ti leave skin super soft I think I will hold of on using it until I get a really dry patch to see how this really works. 

Sanctuary - 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask. Price: £27.50
I'm a big lover of face masks and this comes with a Clay mask in the little sample pack which is hands down my fav. I really cant wait to try this I am well over due for a proper clay mask :)

Lindt - Lindor Heart Tin Filled with Chocolate Truffles. Price: 2.99
Ok so these are my FAVORITE Chocolates ever!!! I get them every Christmas and that's the only time I eat them but OMG they taste amazing!! I recently tried the white chocolate ones to but anything by Lindor is to die for.

So that was March Birchbox very happy with it and it was a pretty good box. I hope we have plenty more great boxes to come.

Check out my video on this months box:


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

So its Thursday again so of course I am linking up with my friend Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom :)

- I hate my job, not just the regular my job kinda sucks I dont enjoy it anymore kind of hate. I full on despise my job to the point where I wish I could beat some of the people I work with to death, to the point where I would gladly go in tomorrow flip them off and just quit but I cant because I need the money.

- I really want Dryer's mint chocolate chip brownie ice cream right now but no because England is such a crappy country we don't get decent comfort food!

- I Love my new wedges I got on sale at JustFab I want the summer to hurry up so I can wear them and not loose my toes to frostbite.

- All I want to do is buy makeup recently, so many new products hitting the shelves but I suppose that's just the life of a Beauty Vlogger?

- Im pretty sure I have a perfume addiction I just keep buying it.

- TK Maxx is a gate way drug to hoarding I swear.

- I hate how long packages take to send internationally its been over a week and I lost the receipt so I cant track it. 

So that's it for my Thursday Thoughts I need to find some more Link up days to do I enjoy them :)


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

JustFab: I'm the 1st UK Brand Ambassador

I would just like to start this with this ISN'T a sponsored post, they haven't asked to write a post about this but I wanted to share thats all.

To begin with if you aren't sure what JustFab is it's a monthly subscription service (like GlossyBox/BirchBox) for SHOES!! one of my weaknesses I can never have enough of is shoes haha anyway its a monthly cost of £35 and a stylist picks a range of shoes and purses for you for the month. 
If you don't like any of the choices that's okay you can just Skip the month :) I have found recently I tend to skip the month and just go back later and purchase a pair so even if you skip that doesn't mean you can't purchase at a later date. 
They have also recently started a Pay & Go membership you do have to pay slightly more for the items as far as I'm aware though.
If you would like to sign up and get your first pair you get 20% off how awesome is that?? The link will be at the end of the post if you want to check that out.

So onto what this post is all about...
About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by JustFab and asked if I would like to be one of the UK Brand Ambassadors which of course I jumped at the chance. I LOVE their shoes and have bought several pairs and have ALWAYS been super happy with the shoes and the customer service I have received from them.
Following the emails back and forth between myself and a very lovely lady at JustFab a little goodie package arrived on my door step and well I just wanted to share of of the goodies I received :)

First of all I just want to say how freaking adorable is JustFab packaging?? I just love it!!

 Stuffed with pink tissue paper and an overview of the products I received all wrapped up in bows and ribbon :)

Ok so isnt this the most awesome thing ever??? I seriously LOVE it I have been told that this is a very sort after tumblr cup and I can see why I have been using it non stop since I got the goodie package.

These are just the last few products I got int he box and I cant wait to start using them! althought the White and Pink M&M's are already gone.....

Expect to see a few more posts coming your way about JustFab I have purchased a few items recently and no doubt they will appear in a haul very soon :)

If you have any Questions about JustFab or anything just leave a comment below and I'll try my best to answer it for you.

Some link for JustFab (*)

* This does contain an affiliation link.

Monday, 18 March 2013

GlossyBox Unboxing & Review March 2013

So this came is super super early this month I was surprised to see it when I came home from work the other day!! Oh and also I am actually going to be releasing the blog  post and the youtube video at the same time that never freaking happens haha

 This months box I think was meant to be centred all around travel so we got a little travel beauty booklet along with the regular product sheet.

The products! they all turned out to be pink, black and red with the packaging pretty cute!!

Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (Fragrance Free). Price: £25 for 50ml - Boots

When I saw this I thought wow this will be perfect for when I fly its a great sample size so I can carry it on the plane with me. When I travel its normally a 30 + hour day and I am on plane for around 10 hours so after that my skin always feels a little dry. The balm can be used to "refresh jet lagged skin, shape brows, revitalise shine, soothe dry hands & chapped lips, smooth cuticles and nail" so as you can see its a jack of all trades it pretty much does everything!! Its a very thick consistency so it will be interesting to see how this really works.

Nails Inc - St. James. Price: £11 for 10ml -
I am a HUGE nail Polish junkie so this is great and the colour for me is a perfect toe colour :) I personally never understood the hype around Nailsinc but great product for me.

Juicy Couture - Couture La La. Price: £63 for 100ml - Debenhams or Boots
For months I have been wanting to try a Juicy Couture Perfume I keep seeing the massive bottles in TK Maxx but never wanted to pay for a full bottle I might not like the smell of but let me tell you OMG I Love it! seriously best thing I have smelt in a long time I will be purchasing the full size very soon.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics - Lip Blush. Price: £12 - 2.5g -
I have recently become a lip junkie so I love to receive lip products in these boxes I just wish it was in a shade I wore I am strictly pinks and Nudes thats only because I just don't suit any other colours. I do think I will give this a try though I mean why not I hope it isn't to over the top.

TRESemme Salon Finnish Extra Hold Hairspray. Price: £4.69 for 500ml -
I'm not really a huge hair spray user I honestly couldn't tell you when I last actually used any but it will be interesting to see how firm the hold of it is and if it makes my hair crunchy.

Overall I was super impressed with this months box they have been really great recently. Hopefully I don't jinx this and get a crappy box next month.

Check out my video on this months box:


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Outfits of the Weekend

So this weekend was pretty low key but for once I actually got 2 days in a row off from work!! (That NEVER happens)

Just went to Lunch with my sister and friend then went to see Burt Wonderstone I had some free tickets so thought hell why not and althought its got some pretty bad reviews I actually really like the film very funny!!

Jacket - Primark
Long white top - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Long white layering Tank - H&M
Tan Boots - JustFab

Today has been a bit of a lazy day which I love it was heavily snowing earlier so I through of my comfy and warm clothes :) Ive been writting blog posts, watching movies and redoing some blog stuff in photoshop so not a whole lot.

Long white top - Primark
Long white Tank - H&M
Hoodie - Victoria's Secret PINK
Grey Sweat Pants - Fruit of the Loom

 Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

I am linking up for the first time (I think anyway) from my friend Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom who is the subscription box queen and keeps me stocked in Mint Oreo's and opened my eyes to the amazingness of Target lol

- I am stuck on level 30 on Candy Crush, I know I'm super behind on the Candy Crush band wagon but damn it this game is additive to the point were I don't even enjoy it anymore but I still feel the need to play it.

- So my New years resultion to read 1 book a month has gone to shit we are in march and I have read 0 books so far......whoops

- Ive come to realize I get seriously obsessive about TV shows I get into (Not like want to stalk the actors and wear there skin to my next birthday party kind of way) it started with Pretty Little Liars I watched all the episodes on netflix back to back for a few weeks straight until id finnished them. Ive also realized I jump from show to show that I invest myself deeply into main ones I can remember are Charmed, Prison Break, Pretty Little Liars and the one that have been my biggest obsession for a while is Sons of Anarchy (Who knew Peg Bundy could play a bad ass biker bitch??)!

-Talking of Son's of Anarchy the shows def not for the faint hearted but I'd love to live in Charming.

- I should really re-book my driving test but funnily enough after 4 tries I just cant be bothered anymore. I would like to point out its not because I cant drive Im actually a very good driver but the grumpy assholes I have had as my test instructor have failed me for the smallest things that are really stupid!

- I am officially the FIRST JustFab Brand Ambassador for the UK, I was so surprised when a company actually contacted me from my Youtube videos.

- I hate my blog layout and stuff but I cant figure out HTLM and really don't want to have to shell out money for something that not really off the ground yet hmmm

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Birchbox UK Review & Unboxing February 2013

As I said in my Previous Post I know its late but as they say better late than never?? hehe

Now for February unlike Glossybox this month Birchbox wasn't Valentines day related it was the London Fashion week box which is actually something I really like I didn't really want to be receiving to very similarly themed boxes so that was great.

Ive always said this but the quality of the the boxes is always great with Birchbox super sturdy and great for storage yes I know this is a bit of a random thing to add tot he review lol

Vichy - Thermal Spa Water (Limited Edition). Price: £7 
This product has a few different uses that I really like its great if one product can do several different things. The thermal spa water can be used to set makeup, as a refreshing boost as well as a toner for the skin, whats not to love about that. I personally will be using it to set my makeup I'm still looking for the perfect setting spray so hopefully this will be it. The only thing that makes me think twice is this is like an aerosol can kind of worried how its going to spray out and not make my makeup run.

Korres - Guava Shower Gel. Price: £8
Korres has managed to mix two of my favorite things together in this Fruity smell and shower gel Im a shower gel/body wash hoarder so I am super excited about try this out, plus I have always wanted to try a korres product so it was win win for me :)

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills - Plump N'Thick Leave in Thickening Mist. Price: £13.90
When I first saw this I was pretty weary about it these thickening mists personally have never worked for me but this was actually pretty good it gives the hair a little lift without trying the hair like some of the powder volume products on the market these day. This little fella will be being added into my wet hair routine.

Gerda Spillmann - Bio Fond Cream Foundation. Price: £20
Ok so this is actually a product that really annoyed me while I am a HUGE fan of getting makeup in my boxes I really wish that they would actually look at our profiles that they make us fill out!!! This foundation is way way WAY to dark for my pasty white ass. I was advised to use it as an under foundation contoure which I very well might try but still its the principle of the thing if they want us to fill the profiles out actually read them Birchbox!

Eboost - Natural Energy Booster. Price: £20.99 (20pkts)
I think Ive received this before but I don't know where it went I must have thrown it out but anyway nice little extra I probably wont drink it id rather got get a rock star or a monster.

Eyelash Curler. Price: £10
I loved this little extra I didn't have an eyelash curler before this came never needed one before but such a great little extra.

All in all great box can wait for the next :)

Checkout my video on Feb's box:

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox UK follow the link - Sign up here *


*Yes this is an affiliation link hope that's ok.