Friday, 22 March 2013

Birchbox UK Review & Unboxing March 2013

With Mothers day in the UK being March 10th this months box has the theme of Role Models. I personally don't celebrate mothers day (due to my mums request not because Im a horrible daughter or anything) but anyway the box was a pretty good one this month :)

The Products!! some yummy treats taking up most of this photo lol

Laura Geller - Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. Price: £24.50
I have a few Laura Geller Products from a giveaway I won on YouTube last year and I do really like them I think they are kind of over priced for what they are I mean I would never pay £24.50 for a Gel eyeliner, MAC's Fluid Lines are only £14 so £24.50 is crazy to me. Anyway back to the product haha Great product to be getting in a box and will use it pretty regularly :)

Molton Brown - Valbonne Fragrance. Price: £65
I love that we are getting more and more perfume samples in the boxes but this really isn't my scent at all not a huge fan.

RMK - Cleansing Balm. Price: £29
When I first got this I had no idea what I was meant to do with it but since reading up on it it makes a little bit more sense. For those like me who have/had no idea what the little fella was meant for it apparently mean for taking your makeup off, once it makes contact with your skin it turns into a liquid. It is said that "The Rose scented balm echoes your mum or grandmother's cold cream" I look forward to trying it it smells pretty good :)

La Sultane De Saba - Body Lotion with Argan Oil. Price £26.50
Im not really a massive body lotion kind of person only because I forgot to put it on. This smell pretty strong to me but I think I will def use it when I travel, its always great to have a something like this when flying :) I love the packaging design thought very cute.

Yu-Be - Moisturizing Skin Cream. Price: £19.50
This little thing is the best seller in Japan from 1957, I have used from Japanese/Korean skin products in the past and they have been pretty good so I have high hopes for this cream. Its meant ti leave skin super soft I think I will hold of on using it until I get a really dry patch to see how this really works. 

Sanctuary - 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask. Price: £27.50
I'm a big lover of face masks and this comes with a Clay mask in the little sample pack which is hands down my fav. I really cant wait to try this I am well over due for a proper clay mask :)

Lindt - Lindor Heart Tin Filled with Chocolate Truffles. Price: 2.99
Ok so these are my FAVORITE Chocolates ever!!! I get them every Christmas and that's the only time I eat them but OMG they taste amazing!! I recently tried the white chocolate ones to but anything by Lindor is to die for.

So that was March Birchbox very happy with it and it was a pretty good box. I hope we have plenty more great boxes to come.

Check out my video on this months box:



  1. I don't even know why I look at your Birchboxes. They are always so much better than ours!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. We should do a box swap or something let me know id be happy to order an extra birchbox or glossybox :)