Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring Shoe Picks FT JustFab!!

My shoes collection is already out of hand but who cant pass up new shoes for the up coming season?? I for sure cant!

Although I LOVE wearing boots I do have a love for Spring/Summer heels and Sandals so these are a few of my picks from JustFab for the coming spring :)

If you aren't aware JustFab is a monthly subscription service but for SHOES!! Its a £35 service and each month you get a selection of shoes, bags & accessories created just for you by your own stylist and if you don't like them you can just skip that month :)
1. The Tyana Sandal in Nude | 2. The Kena Sandal in Fuchsia | 3. The Whytley Wedge in Nude | 4. The Tyana Sandal in Black | 5. The Dela Sandal in Seafoam | 6. The Violet Shoe In Mint

I am usually a pretty neutral shoe kinda girl but I am really liking the mints and the colour of the year Orchid.

If you'd like to sign up to*) then just click the link :)

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This is NOT a Sponsored post I am NOT being paid to say anything :)

*This is an Affiliated link.

Friday, 14 February 2014

❤ Valentines Day Makeup Look ❤

Just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day Everyone :) 
Now I'm not doing anything for Valentines day I spent my day at work and evening watching KUWTK from season 1, yup forever alone right here! haha

Anyway I decided to try out doing a Valentines Makeup Tutorial on a pink/brown smokey eye so please go check it out :) also don't forget to subscribe.



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Monday, 10 February 2014

My Winter Foundation Routine

It has taken me years to figure out the right way to apply foundation in the winter so that it doesn't look cakey or flakey. I have always suffered from super dry skin and in the past my foundation has always been a pain int he butt to apply, until I came across Wayne Goss on youtube last year and he did a whole video about applying foundation for those with dry skin and well it has changed my whole makeup application!

If you want to see how I get a flawless face for winter just click the video below or go on over to my Beauty Channel and check it out :)

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MakeUp Monday: FOTD!!

Well I havnt done a post like this is a little while and want to get back into it, I try to create different makeup looks everyday its only if I really LOVE how my makeup look ill repeat it for a few days. I own a lot of makeup so its really easy to create something new everyday :)

I am a huge neutrals girl for my eye and I mix between nude and pink lips most of the time, So I have been really loving going for the bronzish brown tones mixed with a nude pink lip.

I can't remember exactly what shadow shades I used but I used a combination of the ELF Festive Beauty Book and the Urban Decay Naked Basic palette. Perfect for a work day :)

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Sunday, 9 February 2014


So this isn't a link up or anything although I think that would be such a cool post but I was reading through some of my fave blogs and started reading a post over on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and loved this idea :)

Currently Burning…

 At the moment I am trying to burn through a bunch of my candles seeing as I have so many and never get round to burning them. So I'm currently burning through Bath & Body Works 3 wick in Frosted Cranberry and Bath & Body Works mason jar in Snow Day. I like mixing 2 scents together :)

Currently Watching…

At the moment I am re watching Supernatural from season 1. So far Ive got to season 4 but its one of those TV shows that I can watch over and over again and still not get bored of, its also one of those shows that I can just pick a random episode and watch. I also recently started re watching Sons of Anarchy from the beginning again hmph I miss the days when everything was good in season 1 opposed to the cluster F that season 7 ended on haha 

One of my Fave outtakes freaking love him!

Currently On My “To Do” List…

For once I dont have to much to my list of stuff to do. I have a few people I need to email or text about things but nothing major. Only things I really want to do is write up a bunch of blog posts for the next few days and find a hotel for IMATS London in June!

Currently Excited About…

IMATS London!! I bought my ticket last week and I am so freaking excited that I am actually going!! Its probably a bad idea I mean all that discount makeup and my addiction to buying it?? Ahhhhh.
I am also pretty excited to finally getting my hair put in and trying out a completely different colour combo for me.

Currently Lusting After…

Image Credit:
 The Tory Burch Marion Slouchy Tote I have been lusting over this for monthssss I just love it its a total me bag I just hate that the price tag is £475 ($779). Maybe I will treat myself for my birthday in a few months but I still don't see myself being able to hand over that kind of cash haha

Currently Loving…

Pinterest! Ive mentioned in the past that I go from being obsessed with it to not opening the website for weeks but I have been loving it recently. I don't know if its just the people I follow just have great taste in re pinning things or i am just that bored all the time that I need something to do haha

Currently Anxious About…

 Hmm I honestly cant really think of anything I'm currently Anxious about.

Currently Buying…

 Lots of workout gear I finally got around to joining a gym this past week and I have been constantly looking for new workout gear I recently just bought a bunch of stuff from Forever 21!

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Monday, 3 February 2014

REVIEW: Lets Talk About Masks.....

Yes lets talk about hair masks they are something I rely on to keep my hair in better condition and the 2 I want to talk about today have been like miracle products over the last year and I don't think I could live without them!

Everyone knows about the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque its pretty much a cult product in the beauty world and it took be so long to actually try it as it is so expensive here in the UK. The second is the Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Therapy Mask that I randomly found in TK Maxx and after the first use I new it was going to be my hairs new BFF. The only down side to it though is that this is the 2nd one Ive found but they have completely disappeared from TK Maxx and I cant find them online.

The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque has become something my hair cant live without unlike most deep repair hair masks this is actually one you apply while in the shower and leave on for 7 mins (or longer its up to you). If I find that my hair is looking and feeling dryer than normal and I just need a quick treatment to make it soft and shiny then this is my go to product! 
It makes my hair super soft I have yet to find an in shower product that has managed to match this, with being a dyed blonde this is very import to me. Plus the smell is amazing which is always a plus when you have to keep a product on your hair for a period of time.

This right here was my first love in the hair world it is just amazing! unlike the Macadamia this is a much thicker consistency and is a mask you apply before you shower and onto dry hair. I usually keep this on for a few hours when my hair is in desperate need of moisture and repair. To intensify the treatment I usually wrap my hair in clingfilm and apply a towel around my head to keep the hair a little bit warm. The best part about this product is the price I only paid £4.99 for the tub of amazingness :)

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on Argan Luxury Mask I will be forever grateful :)

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Well it has been a long ass time since I liked up for Thursday Thoughts hell its been forever since I linked up to anyone so I thought why the heck not so here I am linking up with my friends Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom :) If you want to see the Queen of Subscription box reviews you better get your butt over there!!

- It's Pay day tomorrow and 90% of it has already been spent on bills. If this is what being grown up in like I don't want it, take it back Id like to go back to not having to think of money haha

- I'm pretty sure my candle obsession has hit extreme I said this trip tot he US I wouldn't buy any candles because well I don't need any and well then Bath and Body Works happened and then I ended up in Yankee Candle oh dear :/

- I will be joining the Gym in Feb and I cant wait although I am pretty terrified at the same time haven't been to an actually gym in a while Ive always just worked out at home or go running but my ass needs to step it up!

- I want snow! I am so sick of seeing everyone else post about the snow and we still have nothing :( It was meant to snow today but nope its now raining yet again!

- I have so many TV shows to finnish its getting stupid how many I start get half way through and just go onto another one lol The ones I can think of off the top of my head are: PLL (last season), Face Off, Breaking Bad, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Hart of Dixie (1st Season).

- I finally signed up to Hulu Plus after 8 weeks of my US bank account messing up my debit card and OMG so many shows haha

That's it for Thursday Thought and I hopefully will keep up with this for once :)

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why is it that when I travel its never easy??

I know I have already broken 2 of my New years goals and that was to upload on my Youtube Channel 3 times a week and to regularaly blog on here and well its nearly February and I have blogged like 3 times maybe. 

Ill be honest I went back to the Colorado to see my sister now before anyone thinks wait weren't you there for most of October and well yes I was. My sister and I decided a week before we left last trip that screw it we will come out in Jan its close to Christmas and our oldest sisters birthday, It was only a 10 day trip and well it was bascially free. 
We decided to use our miles that over the years we had collected so instead of our usual route of LHR --> DFW --> COS on American Airlines we risked it and flew British Airways (I never have any luck with these guys unfortunately) LHR --> BOS --> DFW --> COS and well that went to crap before we had even taken off from London.

I wont go on and on about it but we left 2 hours late from London which meant before we landed in Boston we got rushed into first class (pretty fancy I must say) so we could get rushed through Immigration and baggage claim to connect to our Dallas Flight. Well that went to crap when It took us 45 mins to get our bags from the flight and got on a bus to our terminal 2 mins before our flight left. Anyway long story short met a lovely lady while on that bus who reminded me a lot of Will's mother from Will & Grace haha and our Dallas flight didn't actually come in so we went through what felt like 100 different security check points and ended up on a JetBlue flight to Denver and driving back to the Springs. 

I will add that the same problem we had on our BA flight to Boston that delayed us for 2 hours is the same problem we had on our Denver flight that delayed us for 1 hour I mean serious I have the WORST luck with traveling!

Sooooo after all my ramblings here are some pictures from the trip :)

While I was away my Team the New England Patriots Played the Denver Brocos and well lost so I was the Red, White & Blue in a seas of Orange haha

Even the Doggies were in their Orange and Ellie Mae had her nails done hehe

So yes today if the first day I have had off work since I got back last Thursday so the blogging will begin again tomorrow :)

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

My NYE Makeup Look & Outfit

I know NYE has just past but I thought I would share with you all my NYE makeup look and outfit

I did change this up a little later in the night and decided to go for a bold red lip, added some winged eyeliner and some extra glitter to really make it sparkle for New Years.

Products Used in This Look:
Clinique Even Better Foundation
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
MAC Minteralized NW15 Concealer
GOSH Pressed Powder - O2 SO Natural
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
ELF Contour Blush & Bronzer Duo
Tarte Blush - Memorable
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Incandescent
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - Epatant
Urban Decay Shadows - Naked 2, Venus
Anastasia Lavish Palette - Moss, Cream, Ballet
Tarte shadows - Maureen's Soccer Ball, Ali's Bicycle
Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara
Urban Decay 24 Hour Glide on Pencil - Perversion
ELF Matte Pencil - Naturally Nude
Vivo Matte Lipstick - Natural Nude 
Buxom Lipgloss - White Russian
Love & Beauty Lipgloss - Pink

My Outfit for the Night

H&M Black Layering Tanks | Primark Raspberry Sheer Shirt | Forever 21 Workout Capri's | River Island Booties | Random Basic Stacking Bracelets | Jawbown UP Band - Mint  | Euronext Remy 18inch Hair Extensions - Blonde Frost

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Friday, 3 January 2014

A New Year, A New Me?.......

Well Its that time of the year when everyone makes those crazy things called New Year Resolutions, no doubt everyone has seen friends post that 2014 is the new them etc etc but usually by February most (like myself) have given up on them and gone back to old habits.

Last year I decided not to have resolutions but rather to set myself goals some I completed some I started and some I just failed miserably at but that's okay :)

I again this year decided to create a list of thing I would like to accomplish in 2014 and here are some of them.

1. Loose 50lb. 
I know this may seem a lot but its really what I need to do to be in the range that mean little chart they have for you height says. I have been working out and slowly loosing weight over the last 2 years but I really need to step it up! I know this might all not happen in the 12 month time frame but I hope to hit as close as possible to that goal :) This will be combined with my second goal for this year is to make smoothies. Ideally I want to be having a breakfast and lunch smoothies and then have a balanced dinner but we will see how that works out. I will also be a member of the Gym in Feb/March so excited :D

2. Consistently Blog & Upload. 
Over the last year I have blogged on and off and I love doing it, this year I really want to step up my game and upload to my channel 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and Blog 3 - 4 times a week. For a little while I managed to blog 5 times a week over the last year but things get in the way and I and I get stuck on what to blog about. Let me know what you would like to see be post about :)

3.  Read More.
Last year I decided I wanted to read 1 book a month and well I still haven't finished the book I started last January..... So instead of 1 a month I just want to make more effort to read more in general. I have a bunch of books I have bough for plane journeys and I haven't even turned the first page on them, I have a kindle and iPad so I have no excuse for not reading this coming year!

4. Be Debt Free.
I never did go to University (although some times I wish I had) so I cant even say my debt is from that I just got a credit card at 18 and started putting things on it I wanted when I didn't have the money in my account. I know that was a pretty dumb thing to do but luckily my CC has a pretty low limited so I am less that £1000 in debt. I know some might think why do I still buy things like makeup/clothes and go to the USA so much and that because it isn't a huge number and I don't worry about it that much plus I do pay something off it each month. So although its not a stupid amount Id just like not to have it :)

5. Be Happy.
2013 wasn't a horrific year or anything for me but it was an up and down year for me. While I had some really good times this past year it unfortunately had a lot of stress, worry and uncertainty work wise and that put a damper on a lot even friends and family noticed how miserable I was and I am a usually very happy person. I hope that 2014 brings a change with that. I also need to stop letting other peoples moods affect my own I have lost count how many times I have been in an amazing mood but then someone comes along in a shitty one and all of a sudden Ive lost my happy!

6. Do Things!
This kind of covers a few different points in my list. I was to go to at least 1 NFL International Series game in Wembley at the end of this year, I want to attend IMAT's, I want to look into either a course or school to study makeup artistry and maybe FX makeup.

All in all I just want 2014 to be an awesome year where big things happen!!

Do you have any New Years goals or resolutions? Leave a comment and let me know I would love to see what all you guys are doing :)

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