Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Well it has been a long ass time since I liked up for Thursday Thoughts hell its been forever since I linked up to anyone so I thought why the heck not so here I am linking up with my friends Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom :) If you want to see the Queen of Subscription box reviews you better get your butt over there!!

- It's Pay day tomorrow and 90% of it has already been spent on bills. If this is what being grown up in like I don't want it, take it back Id like to go back to not having to think of money haha

- I'm pretty sure my candle obsession has hit extreme I said this trip tot he US I wouldn't buy any candles because well I don't need any and well then Bath and Body Works happened and then I ended up in Yankee Candle oh dear :/

- I will be joining the Gym in Feb and I cant wait although I am pretty terrified at the same time haven't been to an actually gym in a while Ive always just worked out at home or go running but my ass needs to step it up!

- I want snow! I am so sick of seeing everyone else post about the snow and we still have nothing :( It was meant to snow today but nope its now raining yet again!

- I have so many TV shows to finnish its getting stupid how many I start get half way through and just go onto another one lol The ones I can think of off the top of my head are: PLL (last season), Face Off, Breaking Bad, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Hart of Dixie (1st Season).

- I finally signed up to Hulu Plus after 8 weeks of my US bank account messing up my debit card and OMG so many shows haha

That's it for Thursday Thought and I hopefully will keep up with this for once :)

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