Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why is it that when I travel its never easy??

I know I have already broken 2 of my New years goals and that was to upload on my Youtube Channel 3 times a week and to regularaly blog on here and well its nearly February and I have blogged like 3 times maybe. 

Ill be honest I went back to the Colorado to see my sister now before anyone thinks wait weren't you there for most of October and well yes I was. My sister and I decided a week before we left last trip that screw it we will come out in Jan its close to Christmas and our oldest sisters birthday, It was only a 10 day trip and well it was bascially free. 
We decided to use our miles that over the years we had collected so instead of our usual route of LHR --> DFW --> COS on American Airlines we risked it and flew British Airways (I never have any luck with these guys unfortunately) LHR --> BOS --> DFW --> COS and well that went to crap before we had even taken off from London.

I wont go on and on about it but we left 2 hours late from London which meant before we landed in Boston we got rushed into first class (pretty fancy I must say) so we could get rushed through Immigration and baggage claim to connect to our Dallas Flight. Well that went to crap when It took us 45 mins to get our bags from the flight and got on a bus to our terminal 2 mins before our flight left. Anyway long story short met a lovely lady while on that bus who reminded me a lot of Will's mother from Will & Grace haha and our Dallas flight didn't actually come in so we went through what felt like 100 different security check points and ended up on a JetBlue flight to Denver and driving back to the Springs. 

I will add that the same problem we had on our BA flight to Boston that delayed us for 2 hours is the same problem we had on our Denver flight that delayed us for 1 hour I mean serious I have the WORST luck with traveling!

Sooooo after all my ramblings here are some pictures from the trip :)

While I was away my Team the New England Patriots Played the Denver Brocos and well lost so I was the Red, White & Blue in a seas of Orange haha

Even the Doggies were in their Orange and Ellie Mae had her nails done hehe

So yes today if the first day I have had off work since I got back last Thursday so the blogging will begin again tomorrow :)

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