Friday, 3 January 2014

A New Year, A New Me?.......

Well Its that time of the year when everyone makes those crazy things called New Year Resolutions, no doubt everyone has seen friends post that 2014 is the new them etc etc but usually by February most (like myself) have given up on them and gone back to old habits.

Last year I decided not to have resolutions but rather to set myself goals some I completed some I started and some I just failed miserably at but that's okay :)

I again this year decided to create a list of thing I would like to accomplish in 2014 and here are some of them.

1. Loose 50lb. 
I know this may seem a lot but its really what I need to do to be in the range that mean little chart they have for you height says. I have been working out and slowly loosing weight over the last 2 years but I really need to step it up! I know this might all not happen in the 12 month time frame but I hope to hit as close as possible to that goal :) This will be combined with my second goal for this year is to make smoothies. Ideally I want to be having a breakfast and lunch smoothies and then have a balanced dinner but we will see how that works out. I will also be a member of the Gym in Feb/March so excited :D

2. Consistently Blog & Upload. 
Over the last year I have blogged on and off and I love doing it, this year I really want to step up my game and upload to my channel 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and Blog 3 - 4 times a week. For a little while I managed to blog 5 times a week over the last year but things get in the way and I and I get stuck on what to blog about. Let me know what you would like to see be post about :)

3.  Read More.
Last year I decided I wanted to read 1 book a month and well I still haven't finished the book I started last January..... So instead of 1 a month I just want to make more effort to read more in general. I have a bunch of books I have bough for plane journeys and I haven't even turned the first page on them, I have a kindle and iPad so I have no excuse for not reading this coming year!

4. Be Debt Free.
I never did go to University (although some times I wish I had) so I cant even say my debt is from that I just got a credit card at 18 and started putting things on it I wanted when I didn't have the money in my account. I know that was a pretty dumb thing to do but luckily my CC has a pretty low limited so I am less that £1000 in debt. I know some might think why do I still buy things like makeup/clothes and go to the USA so much and that because it isn't a huge number and I don't worry about it that much plus I do pay something off it each month. So although its not a stupid amount Id just like not to have it :)

5. Be Happy.
2013 wasn't a horrific year or anything for me but it was an up and down year for me. While I had some really good times this past year it unfortunately had a lot of stress, worry and uncertainty work wise and that put a damper on a lot even friends and family noticed how miserable I was and I am a usually very happy person. I hope that 2014 brings a change with that. I also need to stop letting other peoples moods affect my own I have lost count how many times I have been in an amazing mood but then someone comes along in a shitty one and all of a sudden Ive lost my happy!

6. Do Things!
This kind of covers a few different points in my list. I was to go to at least 1 NFL International Series game in Wembley at the end of this year, I want to attend IMAT's, I want to look into either a course or school to study makeup artistry and maybe FX makeup.

All in all I just want 2014 to be an awesome year where big things happen!!

Do you have any New Years goals or resolutions? Leave a comment and let me know I would love to see what all you guys are doing :)

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