Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DIY How To: Christmas Bauble Wreath

 Every year I try to make a new Christmas themed wreath for our front door and after years of making the regular fir wreath with holly and different plants I decided this year to give a bauble wreath a try.

I did mention in a previous post about making how I made it and what you'd need to make your own. I think this would work for pretty much any season though and just change up the colors it would look super cute for Easter with pastels.

What you will need:

Baubles in all different sizes I picked my up from Tesco on a for £3 a box and used Gold, Red & Silver.

A Glue Gun (be careful with how hot he glue gets though I did have a few Baubles melt in places)

and the main part of this project is a Styrofoam ring.

I just put some old newspaper down to make sure I didn't glue anything to the floor or of anything spilt it didn't ruin my flooring.

 I decided to go for a mix of matte, shiny and glitter bauble I think its a great combination.

First I used a thick ribbon and glued it around the top of the ring (this is your decision you can use string or if you a door that you can just hook the wreath onto it go for it :) )

When selecting your baubles make sure to pull the loop and cap off the top of the bauble and once you start gluing them to the ring make sure to point the little bit that stick out down and not up. I have one that I accidentally did that to and its been bugging me since.

 Before making this I did do a quick YouTube search for a good idea on where to start some people like to add to 4 sides but I personally just started on one side and made my way round the ring and just made sure that one side didn't have more colors etc than the other.

What I really love about this is that it will last for years unlike the real ones I have made in the past I cant wait to make more fore next year for different doors int he house and plus means if we have another theme for redecorating next year I get to have fun with new colors!!

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