Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas.....

Sooooo I am a little bit obsessed with Christmas its probably my favorite holiday out of them all, I just love the pretty lights, Christmas movies, going crazy buying gifts for other people and most exciting for me is decorating for the holidays!!

We aren't a family who put lights up outside the house but we do a lot of decorations inside. Now I wish I had one of those amazing American houses that have the massive entry ways etc but I do the best with what I have and wanted to share with you my little bit of winter wonder land :)

Unlike a lot of people I know our family has a real tree if we are going to do Christmas we do it the right way. So finding the perfect tree is a long winded process for us we are the people that scare other customers away from parts of the garden center because we are talking to the Christmas tree's. My family is a little weird so to us its perfectly normal to make the trees go through an interview process before we choose haha (*) Oh and I also name the tree last year we had George and this year we have Phil the Fir.

Picking the Tree out
Trying to figure out how many lights had blown from last year
Our theme this year was a ton of lights and baubles for the tree no tinsel or other ornaments and I freaking love the look of the tree this year.
Added from Candy Canes and snowmen as little accent pieces around the TV
Hand made Bauble Wreath there will be a Blog post very soon on how I made this
The finished look <3 br="">
Cali Cat investigating Phil the Fir and seeing what gifts she can chew :)

This isn't all the decorations we have up if you would like to see some more of the little pieces let me know.

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(*) For anyone that would like to know I am helping 2 trees through weight watchers next year as some were a little to plump for out living room this year lmao

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