Friday, 29 November 2013

Miss Glossybox November/December Unboxing & Review 2013

OMG a Box review? really Caitlin?....Yes Im finally posting box reviews from this month it has been awhile since I was away last month for box reviews but I thought hey why not get back to that!!

As you may know Miss Glossybox is the part of Glossybox that is aimed more towards the younger teen group that is sent out every 2 months, but they do still have some pretty good products in it! If you would like to sign up to Miss Glossybox just click here. (*)

This was the November / December box and Ill be honest not that impressed this time :( I was expecting a box that just encompassed the holiday season but there wasn't as much as a piece of tinsel involved in this box.
 A quick look at the products.....

So...? Fragrance - So...? Sinful Body Spray. Price: £1.69 for 75ml -

This you can tell is very much aimed to the younger subscribers of the box, its not something Ive used for years and dont really use now. It is a great size for travel though so if you need to you can just through it in a gym bag.

Jelly Pong Pong - 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner. Price: £10.50 -

I have actually received one of these before in a blueish green color and while I like both colors the pencils themselves are way to hard. If I was to use this as a liner or a shadow I would have to scrub it on my eye which honestly not something I am jumping to do. I wish it was a softer pencil because this is a color I could easily use in a daily basis. 

Clear Start from Dermalogica - Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash. Price: £13 for 177ml -

I have recieved several different pieces in boxes from Dermalogica and never had any complaint so I am really looking forward to trying this out. I love to change up my skincare routine and I'm always up for trying new stuff out so cant wait to add this to my other skincare.

Elegant Touch - Little Mix Nail Wraps. Price: £6 for a set -

I do love a good nail wrap but again you can easily tell as to what age group this product in aimed for. I think they are pretty cute just not for me really.

Lacoste Perfume - Touch of Pink. Price £38.50 for 50ml -

This has been a scent I have loved for years but never bought so I was super happy to see this in the box!! Very much my kind of scent and will most likely be picking up a full size when I finish the sample :)

SO thats all for this months Miss Glossybox review not their best but still somethings Ill use but hopefully the next one in January will be better :)

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