Sunday, 17 November 2013

Long Time No Blog....

Well its been way to long since I put up a post on here and honestly the main reason for that is I have been in the US for most of October and work have been INSANE since getting back A LOT of changes happening some good some bad. 
Anyway I thought as my first post back I would share some pictures from my trip back "Home" to Colorado visiting my sister and friends :) I also filmed a bunch of videos while there as I took advantage of the 20% Friends and Family Sephora code and picked up so many pretty things!!

 My Bestie, My Sister Love this girl to death!! There is 4000+ miles between us but we are still as close as ever and always have a hilarious time together!!

Ellie Mae the Blood Hound Wanted to be hugged haha, More randomness, My sister could totally beat your ass at pool......Just Sayin
Buffalo Wild Wings do the BEST cocktails :D

 The Mountains ❤ , Chance & Me in the Jeep waiting to go :)
Some how I am always climbed on somehow my sister is worse than my 7 year old niece haha

Halloween Night!! 
1. My sister and I ready for trick or treating, 2. Next doors puppy Luna & I looked alike haha, 3. Random fun around the fire handing out candy to kids, 3. Luna liked my boots.

A better picture of my Skull makeup, It wasn't as good as I was hoping but I literally had to put this all together in about 10 mins.

Normal Posting will resume in the next day or so :D

Ooooo If youd like to check out what I picked up at the F&F sale from Sephora here is my Haul :)

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