Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

 Yay I am finally get more on track with blogging again so its Thursday and that means its time for Thursday Thought and Ill be linking up with my friend Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom :)

- It is super freaking hot at the moment well I say hot I mean muggy and clammy yet we have no sun WTF England its freaking mid June give up at least a few days of summer! We need a storm and like now to clear this crap, the joys of living on an island huh?

- I'm getting sick which sucks big time! I dont remember the last time I was actually sick but I have the worst sore throat at the moment, headache and earache. Why I do I get sick in summer this should only be a wonder thing damnit!

- I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this but the older I get the more little brats piss me off! I think work has a lot to do with this some days all it can be is screaming children and I suppose its not the kids themselves that piss me off but more the fact that the parents either cant control their brats or that they just don't care that they are acting up and screaming and getting under everyone's feet. People wonder why I dislike most children!

- More fires are popping up over Colorado so freaking scary to me having so many people out there I care about but being 4000 miles away.

- So my hair is growing longer well one half is the other half isn't doing so good and its driving me insane I have even changed the side of my head that I sleep on to see if that helps but nope!

- Someone has been drilling or something but all I have heard from 8.30am is construction work and I went to bed at 4am not a happy bunny!

- I just had 3 days off but I know have to work 6 days straight I hate it I have no weekend and the days just seem to go slow as all hell!

Thats it for this weeks Thursday Thoughts :)

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I haven't done one of these in a little while and I have been loving a lot of stuff this week so lets get into it!!
Of course I will be linking up with This Kind of Love!!

I'm Loving...
I came across NYC_Blonde on twitter after someone I follow tweeted about her and I am so freaking glad I saw that she is freaking hilarious!! Not everyones humor but totally mine, I find myself checking out her tweets if I need a good laugh.

Image Credit: Twitter

I'm Loving...
-Anything Mango.
It all started about this time last year while in the US at Chilli's when a group of us went for happy hour with their 2 for 1 deal and I ended up drinking my fair share of Mango Margaritas. Recently I have been on the hunt for mango juice and came across an apple and mango combination at Tesco and I am in love it with so yummy!!

I'm Loving...
- Lucky Charms.
Okay so I think I must be the last person on earth to finally try Lucky Charms Cereal! I have tried Walmart's version of Marshmallow Mateys which tasted pretty good but OMG they have nothing on Luck Charms!! They are pretty expensive here though your looking at £5/$8 a box but I couldn't resist buying them next I think ill try the chocolate version.

I'm Loving...
- Songs Ive been loving:
Naughty Boy - La La La. Not really sure why I love this but its super freaking catchy and I keep seeing it on the TV and singing along haha

Passenger - Let her Go. 
This was in my April/May Favorites I had heard it several times and really liked it. Then I was sent a link to a Sons of Anarchy (Yes I know people are probably sick of hearing me say I like the show) video with this and well even if you don't like the show the song is still good and the video making skill alone on this is fantastic.

I'm loving...

- TLC & Discovery TV shows.
We recently just got TLC as part of the Sky package and its probably one of my fave channels now!!

Image Credits: Google Images
1. Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empire - Love Kurt Sutter he is a fantastic writer! I love these kind of shows that look back at all the crime and outlaw clubs and organizations.

2. The Devils Ride - I love anything Biker related but honestly this is meant to be "Reality" yet is so fake and obviously scripted even if they do have the odd real biker likes Rusty Coones from the Hells Angels come in and be on the show. I watch it purely for comedy value.

3. Property Wars - I have only seen 2 episodes of this but I am hooked I love looking round houses and decorating so this is so fun for me.

4. Extreme Couponing - Seriously wish I lived in the US so I could do this who doesn't love free shit?

5. Gold Rush - I have watched several Gold hunting type shows and this is the one that seems most believable its cool to watch gold being harvested. Plus the old dude is hilarious.

6. Shipping Wars - Its freaking funny watching these guys/girls haul huge ass statues across the country on trailers that are to small well some of the time.

7. Secret Princes - So earlier in the year I saw the first episode which turned out to be a preview episode which has finally started airing now. I love it 4 stupidly rich princes from all over the world go to Atlanta to find their future wives.

8. Fast & Loud - Again its another car/bike building show I just like watching people fix stuff up and sell it on.

9. Extreme Sweepstakers - Same as the Extreme Couponing I wish this was something that we had here these people win some crazy stuff!!.

Well that's if for What I'm Loving Wednesday It was a lot but its been a while since I did one of these :)

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Recent OOTD's

The weather is still crappy here hardly what you would call summer so that's why these are still pretty fall inspired outfits :) Also you will see I wear the green jacket ALOT but that is just because well I love it and its easy just the throw on. I tend to only own heavy weight jackets and coats and this one well isn't.

 Primark Jacket
Primark Sweater
H&M Black Layering Tank
New Look Black Skinnies
Deichmann Studded Ankle Boots

 Primark Jacket
H&M Black Layering Tank
New Look Purple Long Sleeve Ribbed Shirt
New Look Black Skinnies
JustFab Melika Boots in Tan
 Primark Plaid Shirt
New Look White Lace Trim Tank
H&M Black Layering Tank
Deb Ripped Up Jeans
Deichmann Studded Ankle Boots

Primark Jacket
Samcro SOA Hoodie
H&M Black Layering Tank
New Look Black Skinnies
JustFab Melika Boots in Tan

Primark Jacket
New Look Black Lace Trim Tank
H&M White Layering Tank
Primark Lightwash Skinnies
Bear Paw Boots

New Look Purple Long Sleeve Ribbed Shirt
Primark Dark Indigo Skinnies
Deichmann Studded Ankle Boots

VS PINK Coral Hoodie
H&M Black Layering Tank
New Look White Lace Trim Tank
Primark Light was Skinnies
Primark Skull Sandals

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Birchbox June 2013 Unboxing & Review!!

This box I was super excited for it to come in just from the sneak peaks Birchbox had put on their Facebook page and this box did not disappoint!!

This month was the first with Birchbox redesign and I have to say I do like the new logo and everything. Only thing is is that the actual boxes are smaller than the previous but we still seem to get the same size products so hopefully that wont matter.

As you can see its now just a plan brown box with white detailing instead of the pink with the old logo, also the inside of the move has a cute chevron design. Again this box was all centered around festivals.
 You still get the normal menu cards and bag like normal just slightly redesigned and they also included a set of post cards from around the world. Not to sure if ill use them but they are pretty cool
A sneak peak at the products...

Beauty Protector - Protect & Detangle. Price: £15 - Birchbox Protect & Detangle

I m pretty sure this is the thing I was most excited about, with trying to get my hair in good condition and help it grow so I hope its going to help. It has pretty much everything in one which is great because the amount of hair products I put in my hair throughout the day is crazy and can weigh it down a little. This little spray sure packs a punch with it being vegan, paraben- and sulfate-free leave-in mist conditions, detangles and minimises frizz, while safeguarding colour and adding shine and also products against UV rays and heat. Whats not to love!!

 Color Club + Birchbox - Wanderlust Collection Nail Polish in London Calling. Price: £10 - Color Club Mini's

I am seriously loving all this nail polish these boxes have had recently!! Let just start off with I havnt really tried that many Color Club polishes in the past but I am in love with this color seriously its amazing for summer, well that's if England actually gets any summer.... 
Anyway the only problem I have with this polish is it dries way to quick like from the bottle to the nail its already tacky and you have to work pretty fast to get a smooth coat on the nail.

Green people - Sun Lotion SPF 15 with Tan Accelerator. Price £17.95 - Sun Lotion SPF 15

Ive received this in an old SheSaidBeauty box a long time again and well I havn't used it. I like the idea but the whole tan accelerator thing kinda puts me off with being super pale I feel like I will turn orange haha

ModelCo - Eye Define Eye Pencil in black. Price: £14 - Eye Pencil

As I said in my Glossybox Unboxing & Review I don't think I will ever need to buy another eye liner again with these beauty boxes which Is awesome! I have been loving this its the ones I seem to be grabbing for recently when doing my makeup in the morning for my waterline & tightline just glides straight on and is super black :)

Carole Franck - Fluide Fraicheur Phyto-Hydrant Face Cream. Price: £47.25 - Face Moisturizer

Why is it that every french skincare product these boxes send out I fall in love with? seriously they are so expensive but do such great things for my skin it makes me sad haha I have only used this a few times but it has been great for the dryer patches on my face before applying makeup!

They where all the main products in the box but they had another little box 
which inside had another little Color Club polish to share with a friend I loved this idea sucks that a bunch of people got the same color twice and some didn't but oh well still a great little touch :)

Thats all for this months Birchbox as you can see great freaking box :)

If you'd like to sign up to Birchbox Click Here (*)

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(*) This is an affiliated link

Monday, 17 June 2013

Glossybox June 2013 Unboxing & Review

Yay Glossybox arrived super early this month but yet again it has taken me for ever to finally write this post whoops lol

I will say I am actually in love with this box so many great products that I will get so much use out of :)
This months box was Summer Looks and centered around festivals etc

 A quick look at the products...

Monu Professional Skincare - Soap Free Facial Wash. Price: £15.95 for 100ml -

This facial wash smells pretty amazing with Bergamot and Lemon so I will love using this. I have had a few samples from Monu in the past and I have liked them so I hope that with this be really good for my face. It says that it is great for all skin types especially dry, maturing and sensitive ones which is great seeing as I have both dry and sensitive skin. My only problem with this product is though is that it literally falls out of the tube.

Figs & Rose - Coco Rose Lip Balm. Price: £5 for 12.5ml -

I am a total lip junkie so this is great and its not super thick and sticky which in another great plus! Not only is it 100% natural lip balm, it is packed with antioxidants, tinted and comes in a tube. It does come with a strong rose scent but that does wear off pretty quick but leaves a nice pink tint and is super moisturizing.

Helen E Cosmetics - Eye Pencil with Smudger. Price: £8  -

I don't with with all these beauty boxes that Ill ever need to buy an eyeliner again (Although I know I probably will but that's because I am a makeup junkie) I was super happy to see this product in the box because I do really like Helen E cosmetics and I don't have many brown eyeliners especially ones that are smooth enough to smudge out nicely. This is going to look great with a neutral smokey eye!

John Frieda - Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner. Price: £5.89 -

Love Love Love these little fellas!! I hadn't used John Frieda until I used the purple toning one for when my hair was a little brassy and I am so excited to try these out! I change my shampoo and conditioners pretty regularly because I don't like my hair getting to used to something and I am always wanting to try new products. Great plus point for me as well is that these will be great for travel to pack in hand luggage in case luggage gets lost :)

MeMeMe Cosmetics - Long Lasting Nail Gloss in Innocent. Price: £5 -

Okay so I think we all know I love me some nail polish and well that's an understatement haha I have received a MeMeMe nail polish in the past and I really like it I think this will be the perfect base color for glitters though. its not as white as it looks in the picture it does have a cream base to it.

So that's it for this months Glossybox SO happy with everything cant wait to see what the future boxes hold :)

If you'd like to sign up to Glossybox Click Here (*)
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Friday, 14 June 2013

Colorado Strong ❤

This is going to be a little bit different from my regular posts on here but this is something that is very close to my heart.

Depending on where you are from in the world you might of heard about whats going on in Colorado Springs right now you or you might not have but here is a little information on whats going on and why it is so close to me.

Some may know that for the last 4 years I have considered Colorado Springs my home it is the only place I am truly happy and right now it is being taken over by fires! Last year something very similar happened with the Waldo Canyon fire (The most destructive in CO history) that burned for nearly a month last June - July and covered 18,247 acres, it was devastating I flew in just after the main part of the fire but it was still burning on threw the time I was there.
I knew of people in the Mountain Shadow Neighborhood that lost homes.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

I was lucky to be apart of the event to raise money for those that had lost their homes and its so sad to see that it is happening all again with the Black Forest Fire only a few short weeks from the years anniversary from Waldo Canyon.

The Black Forest Fire started on June 11th and has already covered 15,700 acres killed 2 people and destroyed 379 homes as of yesterday. My sisters family have been evacuated luckily as far as we know their home is still in one piece and hasn't been damaged yet.

* All photos taken from the KKTV News Facebook page

If you are in the area I hope that you are safe and that your homes are undamaged from this and if they unfortunately have I am deeply sorry and hope that something will be held for the families like they did last year ❤

Stay safe guys and thank you so much to the firefighters out there fight this fire and I pray that it doesn't go on for much longer. ❤

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Well I haven't done this in a while but I am linking up with my friend Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some Thursday Thoughts :)

- WTF is up with this weather?? like seriously we have a great week of sun and now its rain rain oh and more freaking rain!! Its freaking June and its feels like fall out there!

- My sister and I have finally figured out dates for when we are heading back to the US only 119 days to go until I see my Sister again. I haven't seen her since January and with times zones and work schedules we haven't been able to talk as much as we would like.

- So I started watching Arrested Development on Netflix I actually really liked it but the 4th season was complete and utter crap they should have just left it 10 years ago.

- I have been watching a stupid amount of extreme couponing and some show about sweepstakes and now all I want to do is cut coupons and enter sweepstakes to bad England is shit and doesn't have a lot of things like that.

- I really need to find some new shows to watch my main to shows The Walking Dead & Sons of Anarchy arent back until Sept even thought I keep seeing spoiler photos from set. Anyone have any suggestions I am thinking of checking out Justified.

- I think my hair is finally starting to get stronger and look better, I'm finding it inst breaking as much and its starting to even out at the ends :D Yay. I really need to dye it though but I'm kind of scared to.

- I realize most of my thoughts this Thursday are about TV shows maybe I should find something better to do with my life? lol

That's it for Thursday thoughts keep an eye out for Glossybox & Birchbox in the next few days as well as some more beauty related posts to :)

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