Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I haven't done one of these in a little while and I have been loving a lot of stuff this week so lets get into it!!
Of course I will be linking up with This Kind of Love!!

I'm Loving...
I came across NYC_Blonde on twitter after someone I follow tweeted about her and I am so freaking glad I saw that she is freaking hilarious!! Not everyones humor but totally mine, I find myself checking out her tweets if I need a good laugh.

Image Credit: Twitter

I'm Loving...
-Anything Mango.
It all started about this time last year while in the US at Chilli's when a group of us went for happy hour with their 2 for 1 deal and I ended up drinking my fair share of Mango Margaritas. Recently I have been on the hunt for mango juice and came across an apple and mango combination at Tesco and I am in love it with so yummy!!

I'm Loving...
- Lucky Charms.
Okay so I think I must be the last person on earth to finally try Lucky Charms Cereal! I have tried Walmart's version of Marshmallow Mateys which tasted pretty good but OMG they have nothing on Luck Charms!! They are pretty expensive here though your looking at £5/$8 a box but I couldn't resist buying them next I think ill try the chocolate version.

I'm Loving...
- Songs Ive been loving:
Naughty Boy - La La La. Not really sure why I love this but its super freaking catchy and I keep seeing it on the TV and singing along haha

Passenger - Let her Go. 
This was in my April/May Favorites I had heard it several times and really liked it. Then I was sent a link to a Sons of Anarchy (Yes I know people are probably sick of hearing me say I like the show) video with this and well even if you don't like the show the song is still good and the video making skill alone on this is fantastic.

I'm loving...

- TLC & Discovery TV shows.
We recently just got TLC as part of the Sky package and its probably one of my fave channels now!!

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1. Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empire - Love Kurt Sutter he is a fantastic writer! I love these kind of shows that look back at all the crime and outlaw clubs and organizations.

2. The Devils Ride - I love anything Biker related but honestly this is meant to be "Reality" yet is so fake and obviously scripted even if they do have the odd real biker likes Rusty Coones from the Hells Angels come in and be on the show. I watch it purely for comedy value.

3. Property Wars - I have only seen 2 episodes of this but I am hooked I love looking round houses and decorating so this is so fun for me.

4. Extreme Couponing - Seriously wish I lived in the US so I could do this who doesn't love free shit?

5. Gold Rush - I have watched several Gold hunting type shows and this is the one that seems most believable its cool to watch gold being harvested. Plus the old dude is hilarious.

6. Shipping Wars - Its freaking funny watching these guys/girls haul huge ass statues across the country on trailers that are to small well some of the time.

7. Secret Princes - So earlier in the year I saw the first episode which turned out to be a preview episode which has finally started airing now. I love it 4 stupidly rich princes from all over the world go to Atlanta to find their future wives.

8. Fast & Loud - Again its another car/bike building show I just like watching people fix stuff up and sell it on.

9. Extreme Sweepstakers - Same as the Extreme Couponing I wish this was something that we had here these people win some crazy stuff!!.

Well that's if for What I'm Loving Wednesday It was a lot but its been a while since I did one of these :)

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