Thursday, 22 August 2013

Birchbox Unboxing & Review August 2013 *InStyle Edition Summer Nights Box*

So I was expecting a lot more from the InStyle edition of Birchbox when I first saw they where getting together but Ill be honest it was kinda poop. I mean I will use a some of the products but for something this big I thought it would be AMAZING.

Also no fancy box which surprised me

A quick look at the products....

Bluemandarines - SkinLife Energetic Cellular Cream. Price: £35 Full Size

I have been loving new skincare lately so this does look kind of interesting haven't heard of this brand before nor have I used anything that does anything cellular to your skin. I am super bummed about this though purely because its not even half full, If your going to give a sample at least fill it all the way up!!

Montibel.lo - Gold Oil Essence. Price: £22.50 Full Size

This is probably the item I am most excited about as some may know anything hair related I am up for trying and I use argan oil pretty much daily! The gold oil is a combination of argan and amber oil to strengthen, protect and nourish hair while giving it added shine. This has my name all over it!!

Gerda Spillmann - Hydro Pearls. Price: £30 Full Size

Another item I thought ok sounds pretty cool wouldn't mind trying it and then as you can see on the back its a FREE sample!! Come on Birchbox why am I paying you for a FREE sample??? Aside from that I'm intrigued by it, its a primer for under your foundation and I hope that it gives a nice glowing finish.

LAQA & Co. - Lip Pencil in Ring of Fire. Price: £14 *InStyle Pick*

You all know that I am a lip junkie and this was 1 of the sneak peak items that was posted on Facebook and I was really hoping for a pink or nude colour so of course I got the bright freaking red and well I was disappointed but I tried it on and I kind of love it! The Pencil is super easy to apply very creamy and has great staying power I think I will have to look up some more of these pencils :)

Molton Brown - Ylang-Ylang Body Wash. Price: £18

I love body wash and this is actually one of the first ones that have been sent in a box that I can actually stand the smell of. The bottle is pretty cute as well yes I know that's strange, but not much to say about the product it will be great for travel though!


Propercorn - Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn. Price: 90p

HATE this popcorn should not taste like this haha I'm not a fan of these life style extras you'll have seen that in most of my Birchbox reviews but I think this has been the worst I tried one and felt instantly sick which isn't normally me I normally love anything sour cream and chive flavor.


Birchbox - Gel Mask. Price: £10

With this mask you are meant to put int he fridge at night and then apply in the morning and well this is going to be the most fantastic thing after a night of heavy drinking and my hangover is setting in!! Love it!

Well that's all for this months Birchbox is you would like to sign up for Birchbox just click here :) (*)

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Glossybox Unboxing & Review August 2013 *High Flyers Box*

Yep its that time of month again its the time where my boxes come in and both came in super early this month although it has taken me a while to finally write up this post, Ill be honest I have been kinda busy but its mostly down to being a lazy ass this week lol

Anyway enough of my rambling lets get into this months box, It was all centered around High Flyers and we received 6 different Items from around the world which I always LOVE when boxes do and there is some pretty awesome bits in this :)

A quick look at the products

*Sweden* Emite Make Up - Eyelash Curler. Price: £20 -

This was the sneak peak product that they released just before I got my box and Ill be honest to begin with I was like freaking great a £20 eyelash curler I don't use the 2 I have why am I going to do with this and well I was proven wrong. Once I actually tried it out it did work really well and has been so far the only thing that has kept a really good curl in my lashes. 

*USA* Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir Perfume Sample. Price: £63 for 100ml -

I am a pretty big Juicy Couture scent fan and OMG this smells amazing!!! I had heard some pretty great things about the Noir scent and it really does smell great I will be looking out for this in full size that's for sure!

*USA* TRESemme - Platinum Strength 60 Second Concentrated Treatment Shot. £1.49 for 15ml Shot - 

I just finnished using this and my hair has never felt so soft!! I am pretty in love with the whole Platinum Strength line by TRESemme so I'm not surprised that I love this to. I got 2 uses out of the little shot and smells pretty damn good you are meant to apply to damaged areas of your hair after using the shampoo from the line. I don't really have any majorly damaged parts any more so I just did the ends of my hair and when up to mid length, worked great!

*UK* Jelly Pong Pong - 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner. Price: £10.50 -

While I think the whole 2 in 1 thing is a great idea they really should have made this a much softer pencil I would not want to scrub this over my eye lid and use it as a shadow it would be pretty painful. I haven't tried it as a liner yet but I'm kind of concerned that even as a liner this might be a little to harsh to apply which really sucks because its such a pretty color.

*Brazil* Oceane - Makeup Remover Pen. Not yet available in the UK go to

This I think is a pretty cool concept I have used these kind of pens int he past and they have been ok but the nibs always get dirty quickly so I love that these come with refills!! I cant wait to try this out I currently use Qtips to correct makeup mistakes but these have makeup remover in the tips which sounds interesting.

That's it for Augusts high flyer box and as you can see some pretty amazing products in it!!

If you would like to sign up to Glossybox click here (*)

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Heading into Fall - Boot Obsessed ft JustFab!!

 Yes it is finally on its way......FALL!!! well here in the UK anyway it has been pretty miserable out there lately with lots of rain not a fan of that but I think fall is one of my favorite seasons.
There is just something about the colors of the leaves and the crunchy sound when you walk on them. Plus being able to put a jacked on and not be sweltering, being able to throw a of skinny jeans on with a pair of stupidly cute boots that I pretty much my go to outfit and I cant wait for it to be back in the right season for it :)

These are a few favorites I have picked out from JustFab's(*) website and I hope to have several pairs of these bad boys for October when I am in the US.
All of these boots are priced at £35 if you join as a VIP member.
*PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT!! If you sign up to JustFab it is a MONTHLY subscription service in which you agree to pay £35 a month UNLESS you skip the month! It is easy to skip or cancel the service if you are only looking for a 1 of purchase*(**)

1. The Dorsey Boot in Brown | 2. The Athula Boot in Grey | 3. The Joelle Bootie in Wine | 4. The Andy Boot in Tan | 5. The Jehan Boot in Black | 6. The Bayley Boot in Black

Are there any boots out there at the moment that you just have to have?? let me know :)

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This is NOT a Sponsored post I am NOT being paid to say anything :)

*This is an Affiliated link.
** Sorry for the caps but it bugs me so bad when people don't read what they are signing up to then go to the facebook page of a brand to bitch and throw accusations because of their own stupidity in not reading to what they are signing up to.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review: Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious

YES!! It is finally in the UK and I couldn't be happier I was walking through Superdrug and had to grab it straight away! after hearing so much about it when it launched in the US.

This bad boy has been pretty long awaited for me I have been wanting to try it for the longest time but I really had no idea it would end up in the UK. I have personally never tried a Revlon mascara and most will know I am a die hard Maybelline lover but I thought why not see if its worth the hype and I have been so impressed so far!

I will say even if I hadn't heard about this before I'm pretty sure that the packaging would have sucked me in I am huge on the way products look as well as how well they perform and to me this is just bloody cute for mascara packaging!! So shiny and girlie!

When I am looking for a mascara I want something that gives me a butt load of volume and really make my lashes look long without having to apply false lashes (because I suck at that pretty bad haha). This product really does that I can just us this mascara and with a few applications I am happy with the look, normally I would apply 2 - 3 different mascaras to achieve the look that this one on its own gives it is AMAZING!! With apply so many mascaras normally my lashes can get a little weighed down with this it is super light does not clump and the brush is good and plushie.

A few close ups of my lashes with the Lash Potion on :)

Don't mind my crazy eyes lol
  The retail price is £9.99 from Superdrug but they are also running a 2 for £10 deal on all Revlon products right now, its a fantastic deal I actually picked up 2 of these for the £10 deal so I saved myself an amazing £9.98!!!!

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Current Make Up Wish List!!

As I'm sure most others do but as a makeup obsessive I rent to always have a little list of products I really want to try but have yet to commit to buy yet, you know those products that although you would love to try if someone bought them for you but you always find hard tp purchase yourself.

So I decided to put a little list of mine together I am sure there are more seeing as I am always on the look out for new products and read way to many beauty blogs. On my list it is a few higher priced items that I am trying to will myself to part with the money for them and some that I cant get in the UK and will so be picking up in October!! 

Image Credit: Feel Unique, House of Fraser, Sephora, NYX, Milani
1. Laura Mercier: Creme Smooth Foundation - £41.50 . 2. Stila: In the Light Palette - £25 . 3. Stila: Kitten All Over Shimmer Duo - £15 . 4. Dior Addict: Lip Glow - £22.50 . 5. theBalm: Hot Mama Blush - £12.50 . 6. Benefit: Hoola Bronzer - £23.50 . 7. NYX: Butter Glosses in Maple Blondie/Apple Strudel/Eclair/Creme Brulee - £5 each . 8. NARS: And God Created The Women Set - $59 . 9. Milani: Baked Blush in Dolce Pink - $7.99

Now that you have seen my little wish list is there anything that you have been eyeing lately and on your beauty wish list? let me know down below :)

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Review: Essencia Four Set Kabuki Brushes!

I first heard of Essencia Brushes a few months back while reading through some blogs and was like I NEED these in my life even before seeing the review for them! For a long time I had been looking for a set of long handled Kabuki brushes but didn't really want to be selling out the money for Sigma or Sedona Lace purely because even though the brushes might be worth it trying to get things shipped here is a pain in the butt.

After reading through a review or two I decided to purchase them for the set of 4 that I purchased it is £29.50 which I thought was a pretty good price in the set you get a Flat Top Kabuki, Round Top Kabuki, Flat Angled Top Kabuki and a Tapered Kabuki. You can also get a 5 piece set with the Flat, Round, Flat Angled, Angled Round and Tapered for £37.50 as well as being able to purchase them separately for £9.50 each which again isn't a bad price when you look at the prices of single Real Techniques brushes.

This set has genuinely changed the way my makeup looks I would rate them well above my Real Techniques brushes which is saying a lot as they where my hands down fave face brushes. These are Synthetic and are super super soft, I have barely has any shedding with using them over the last few months and nor have found they loose their softness over that time. I love how versatile these are I can use them for foundation to powder to cream face products, I do find that I use certain brushes for certain foundations. When I'm using my Revlon Nearly Naked I use the Round Top Kabuki but when I'm using my Clinique Even Better Foundation I use the Flat Top. I think depending on the consistency of the product your using you can really get the best use out of all of the brushes on the set.

The Tapered Kabuki Is the brush I use every day even if I don't wear foundation for the day I will always apply concealer and this brush is my holy grail for blending out!! Doesn't matter whether its a liquid concealer or a cream one it is flawless and really gets into the under eye area, I used to swear by my beauty blender but I didn't realize how much product was being removed by using the beauty blender.

The only brush I haven't used all that much is the Flat Angled Kabuki and I'm not really sure why it just doesn't seem to be one I grab for although I have used it to set my under eyes a few times and is pretty fantastic for that. I'm pretty sure I will end up using it more when I'm to lazy to clean my brushes haha

So all in all if you are looking for a set of brushes that aren't crazy expensive them get these I personally cannot live without them! I think I would be the happiest personally if these guys decided to bring out eye brushes so if you for some reason are reading this Essencia *cough* make eye brushes *Cough* hehe

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Miss Glossybox Unboxing & Review July/August 2013

I have been looking forward to receiving this box since last Miss Glossybox!! It is starting to become my fave I know it is aimed more towards to to the younger age range but I love that you actually receive makeup etc in them!!

Lets get into this months box!!
Loving the Purple this month!

Miss Patisserie - Starlight Macaroon Bath Fizzy. Price: £2 for 50g -

This smells freaking amazing!! I'm not really a bath person so bath fizzy things are pretty wasted on me. With how good this smells I really want to try it out so who know I might break a habit of a life time and actually take a bath instead of a shower!!

Glossybox - False Lashes.

I do love me some lashes and these bad boys are a super super dramatic!! I don't think I own any that come close to these and I have to say that I am pretty excited about trying them, it wont a be an everyday look I'm sure but I think for right event these will be pretty perfect :) From the feel of them they are good quality to.

Kiss - Nail Wrap. Price: £5.99 -

Surprise surprise this is my favorite product in the box haha as you all will know I am a nail polish junkie and have been in love with nail wraps a lot recently. Cant wait to try these out I think I might try them in the next few weeks summer is disappearing here right now so it will be fall soon and these will jazz that right up :)

Beyonce - Midnight Heat Perfume. Price: £29.50 for 50ml -

I will be honest this is not my kind of scent I find it very strong, I am more of a fruity girly scent kinda of person and this is very much a night scent you def feel the Midnight Heat in the smell. I do love the packaging though pretty cool way to package a perfume sample!!

VO5 - Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray. Price: £3.69 for 200ml -

This is probably the product I have used the most recently, since having my hair cut shorter I find my hair goes flat a lot quicker and it bugs the crap out of me!! I do really like this and really help plump up your hair but I have to say I was expecting more from it I find that the results it originally gives doesn't last that long at all :(

That's everything for July/Augusts Miss Glossybox I really wish these where monthly because they are slowly becoming my fave box!!

If you would like to sign up for Miss Glossybox Click Here (*)

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