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Glossybox Unboxing & Review August 2013 *High Flyers Box*

Yep its that time of month again its the time where my boxes come in and both came in super early this month although it has taken me a while to finally write up this post, Ill be honest I have been kinda busy but its mostly down to being a lazy ass this week lol

Anyway enough of my rambling lets get into this months box, It was all centered around High Flyers and we received 6 different Items from around the world which I always LOVE when boxes do and there is some pretty awesome bits in this :)

A quick look at the products

*Sweden* Emite Make Up - Eyelash Curler. Price: £20 -

This was the sneak peak product that they released just before I got my box and Ill be honest to begin with I was like freaking great a £20 eyelash curler I don't use the 2 I have why am I going to do with this and well I was proven wrong. Once I actually tried it out it did work really well and has been so far the only thing that has kept a really good curl in my lashes. 

*USA* Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir Perfume Sample. Price: £63 for 100ml -

I am a pretty big Juicy Couture scent fan and OMG this smells amazing!!! I had heard some pretty great things about the Noir scent and it really does smell great I will be looking out for this in full size that's for sure!

*USA* TRESemme - Platinum Strength 60 Second Concentrated Treatment Shot. £1.49 for 15ml Shot - 

I just finnished using this and my hair has never felt so soft!! I am pretty in love with the whole Platinum Strength line by TRESemme so I'm not surprised that I love this to. I got 2 uses out of the little shot and smells pretty damn good you are meant to apply to damaged areas of your hair after using the shampoo from the line. I don't really have any majorly damaged parts any more so I just did the ends of my hair and when up to mid length, worked great!

*UK* Jelly Pong Pong - 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner. Price: £10.50 -

While I think the whole 2 in 1 thing is a great idea they really should have made this a much softer pencil I would not want to scrub this over my eye lid and use it as a shadow it would be pretty painful. I haven't tried it as a liner yet but I'm kind of concerned that even as a liner this might be a little to harsh to apply which really sucks because its such a pretty color.

*Brazil* Oceane - Makeup Remover Pen. Not yet available in the UK go to

This I think is a pretty cool concept I have used these kind of pens int he past and they have been ok but the nibs always get dirty quickly so I love that these come with refills!! I cant wait to try this out I currently use Qtips to correct makeup mistakes but these have makeup remover in the tips which sounds interesting.

That's it for Augusts high flyer box and as you can see some pretty amazing products in it!!

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