Friday, 9 August 2013

Review: Essencia Four Set Kabuki Brushes!

I first heard of Essencia Brushes a few months back while reading through some blogs and was like I NEED these in my life even before seeing the review for them! For a long time I had been looking for a set of long handled Kabuki brushes but didn't really want to be selling out the money for Sigma or Sedona Lace purely because even though the brushes might be worth it trying to get things shipped here is a pain in the butt.

After reading through a review or two I decided to purchase them for the set of 4 that I purchased it is £29.50 which I thought was a pretty good price in the set you get a Flat Top Kabuki, Round Top Kabuki, Flat Angled Top Kabuki and a Tapered Kabuki. You can also get a 5 piece set with the Flat, Round, Flat Angled, Angled Round and Tapered for £37.50 as well as being able to purchase them separately for £9.50 each which again isn't a bad price when you look at the prices of single Real Techniques brushes.

This set has genuinely changed the way my makeup looks I would rate them well above my Real Techniques brushes which is saying a lot as they where my hands down fave face brushes. These are Synthetic and are super super soft, I have barely has any shedding with using them over the last few months and nor have found they loose their softness over that time. I love how versatile these are I can use them for foundation to powder to cream face products, I do find that I use certain brushes for certain foundations. When I'm using my Revlon Nearly Naked I use the Round Top Kabuki but when I'm using my Clinique Even Better Foundation I use the Flat Top. I think depending on the consistency of the product your using you can really get the best use out of all of the brushes on the set.

The Tapered Kabuki Is the brush I use every day even if I don't wear foundation for the day I will always apply concealer and this brush is my holy grail for blending out!! Doesn't matter whether its a liquid concealer or a cream one it is flawless and really gets into the under eye area, I used to swear by my beauty blender but I didn't realize how much product was being removed by using the beauty blender.

The only brush I haven't used all that much is the Flat Angled Kabuki and I'm not really sure why it just doesn't seem to be one I grab for although I have used it to set my under eyes a few times and is pretty fantastic for that. I'm pretty sure I will end up using it more when I'm to lazy to clean my brushes haha

So all in all if you are looking for a set of brushes that aren't crazy expensive them get these I personally cannot live without them! I think I would be the happiest personally if these guys decided to bring out eye brushes so if you for some reason are reading this Essencia *cough* make eye brushes *Cough* hehe

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