Thursday, 22 August 2013

Birchbox Unboxing & Review August 2013 *InStyle Edition Summer Nights Box*

So I was expecting a lot more from the InStyle edition of Birchbox when I first saw they where getting together but Ill be honest it was kinda poop. I mean I will use a some of the products but for something this big I thought it would be AMAZING.

Also no fancy box which surprised me

A quick look at the products....

Bluemandarines - SkinLife Energetic Cellular Cream. Price: £35 Full Size

I have been loving new skincare lately so this does look kind of interesting haven't heard of this brand before nor have I used anything that does anything cellular to your skin. I am super bummed about this though purely because its not even half full, If your going to give a sample at least fill it all the way up!!

Montibel.lo - Gold Oil Essence. Price: £22.50 Full Size

This is probably the item I am most excited about as some may know anything hair related I am up for trying and I use argan oil pretty much daily! The gold oil is a combination of argan and amber oil to strengthen, protect and nourish hair while giving it added shine. This has my name all over it!!

Gerda Spillmann - Hydro Pearls. Price: £30 Full Size

Another item I thought ok sounds pretty cool wouldn't mind trying it and then as you can see on the back its a FREE sample!! Come on Birchbox why am I paying you for a FREE sample??? Aside from that I'm intrigued by it, its a primer for under your foundation and I hope that it gives a nice glowing finish.

LAQA & Co. - Lip Pencil in Ring of Fire. Price: £14 *InStyle Pick*

You all know that I am a lip junkie and this was 1 of the sneak peak items that was posted on Facebook and I was really hoping for a pink or nude colour so of course I got the bright freaking red and well I was disappointed but I tried it on and I kind of love it! The Pencil is super easy to apply very creamy and has great staying power I think I will have to look up some more of these pencils :)

Molton Brown - Ylang-Ylang Body Wash. Price: £18

I love body wash and this is actually one of the first ones that have been sent in a box that I can actually stand the smell of. The bottle is pretty cute as well yes I know that's strange, but not much to say about the product it will be great for travel though!


Propercorn - Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn. Price: 90p

HATE this popcorn should not taste like this haha I'm not a fan of these life style extras you'll have seen that in most of my Birchbox reviews but I think this has been the worst I tried one and felt instantly sick which isn't normally me I normally love anything sour cream and chive flavor.


Birchbox - Gel Mask. Price: £10

With this mask you are meant to put int he fridge at night and then apply in the morning and well this is going to be the most fantastic thing after a night of heavy drinking and my hangover is setting in!! Love it!

Well that's all for this months Birchbox is you would like to sign up for Birchbox just click here :) (*)

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