Friday, 16 August 2013

Heading into Fall - Boot Obsessed ft JustFab!!

 Yes it is finally on its way......FALL!!! well here in the UK anyway it has been pretty miserable out there lately with lots of rain not a fan of that but I think fall is one of my favorite seasons.
There is just something about the colors of the leaves and the crunchy sound when you walk on them. Plus being able to put a jacked on and not be sweltering, being able to throw a of skinny jeans on with a pair of stupidly cute boots that I pretty much my go to outfit and I cant wait for it to be back in the right season for it :)

These are a few favorites I have picked out from JustFab's(*) website and I hope to have several pairs of these bad boys for October when I am in the US.
All of these boots are priced at £35 if you join as a VIP member.
*PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT!! If you sign up to JustFab it is a MONTHLY subscription service in which you agree to pay £35 a month UNLESS you skip the month! It is easy to skip or cancel the service if you are only looking for a 1 of purchase*(**)

1. The Dorsey Boot in Brown | 2. The Athula Boot in Grey | 3. The Joelle Bootie in Wine | 4. The Andy Boot in Tan | 5. The Jehan Boot in Black | 6. The Bayley Boot in Black

Are there any boots out there at the moment that you just have to have?? let me know :)

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This is NOT a Sponsored post I am NOT being paid to say anything :)

*This is an Affiliated link.
** Sorry for the caps but it bugs me so bad when people don't read what they are signing up to then go to the facebook page of a brand to bitch and throw accusations because of their own stupidity in not reading to what they are signing up to.

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