Monday, 10 June 2013

YAY 4 Day Weekend!!

I have seen really bad at blogging this week I just haven't felt good and that sounds stupid because its only sitting and writing but I just wants in the right mood to sit and blog but I am back and will be on the regular schedule this week :)

So lets get on to this weekend lets first start with the fact I actually got a weekend off and the fact that it was 4 day is pretty unheard of for me. I normal get 1 day off over the weekend or like my next 2 weekends I am working both Saturday & Sunday I hate it!!

Over the 4 days we have had a bunch of stuff done in our front yard so I wasn't able to enjoy a nice sleep in as they were ripping up concrete at 8am on Friday I was not a happy bunny lol

Best pics I could get without actually posting my whole house.
Friday - I was finally able to get my nails done they were well over due for an infill and a file down so much nicer now :) I normally love going to the nail place because I get on pretty ell with the guy that owns it but he has now moved to open another store about 40 mins away and well the staff he left are pretty bad it took me 2 hours YES 2 hours to finally get out of there the time management isnt the best. The weather went to complete crap as well so bought myself a little happy!

OPI: Do You Lilac It

I popped into Sally's Express on the way home and they had a bunch of China Glaze on sale and well if you know me I can't pass up a sale on my Favorite nail polish brand :)

Saturday was a fun day with my sister and friend Laura (DinoMakeup) and went to do a little shopping and to go an see The Hangover 3. I personally thought it was a great film minus the giraffe part if you have seen it you will know what I mean and for someone who loves to giraffes that was sad to see*. The weather was pretty amazing so a a nice walk in the sun was great and finished the night with take out curry and a DVD night :)
Oh also Rita Ora was performing at the racecourse behind my house so all we heard all say was sound check and her singing in the evening Ill be honest pretty terrible...

My Outfit & Makeup 
Sunday & Monday have been pretty relaxed days yesterday I finally started watching Arrested Development after hearing everyone talking about it and well now I'm hooked!! and have watched nearly 2 seasons in 2 days** I also tried to have ago at making funfetti cupcakes you cant buy the box stuff here and well they turned out pretty good but still not amazing.

SO thats all from this weekend dont know when I will get to post another weekend post because well I dont know when Im going to get another weekend off which sucks!

Also linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans for this 4 day weekend :)

Sami's Shenanigans

* - Yes I know it was all fake but still lol
** - Yes I am aware I have no life....don't judge

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