Sunday, 31 March 2013



Hope everyone has had a great Easter its already evening here and the clocks went forward last night so today has been super short but I know a bunch of my US friends still have the day ahead of them :)

Today for me hasnt been a big day or anything we stopped doing anything for Easter a long time ago and when over a 4 day weekend I usually only end up with 1 day off we tend to just have a relaxing day at home with movies.
This year for the first time I think in about 5 years I actually got an Easter egg well I can egg it was a Kinder Black sheep with lots of yummy kinder chocolate at the bottom of the box :)
How freaking cute is this??
I have been pretty overloaded with candy this week earlier int he week HQ at work sent down a HUGE Easter candy box (they do it pretty regularly actually usually its after the new iPhone launches though)
lots and lots of mini eggs
I grab some as soon as I saw them seeing as I work with 4 other guys I wouldn't have got a look in if I had left it any longer.
The mini eggs though led to my mini baking session today and made some mini egg cookies super yummy!!

So that as my Easter Sunday what did your bring? or what do you plan on doing today?

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