Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask

So let me start by saying I am 100% a hair product Junkie whether its a new heat protect spray, shampoo or a new oil out there I usually end up picking it up. Recently in a desperate attempt to get my hair to grow and quit breaking on me I have pretty much brought any Hair deep repair mask I can get my hands on.

Anyway onto the product in question...
I actually picked this up I'd say probably the end of last year after seeing it in Sally Express. I have one just up the road from me and try to pop in to see new haircare and nail polish every now and again.
I'm probably stupid but I usually forget to read reviews before purchasing somethings which I know is bad but the pot said intensive deep repair mask so therefore I had to buy it...

The first time I tried this product (I followed the timing etc on the instructions) I really wasn't impressed I didn't feel like it did anything to my hair it didn't feel like it repaired anything to be honest! So this past Monday I thought why not try it out again (Ive been using my all time favorite a lot recently and scared id use it up so I decided to go back to some older ones I had) Over the time that Ive been using these masks Ive come to learn for my hair its put as much on as I can and for as long as I can, I am happy to sit with one of these masks on my hair for 5-6 hours with my head wrapped in saran wrap and a towel to keep my head warm. 
So that's what I did this time and well I still don't like it! 
My hair was greasy after I thoroughly wash the mask out, not the wet look your hair gets but it was dry on the ends still and just felt oily I had to put more argan oil than I normally to do get anywhere close to soft ends.
Unfortunatly there is nothing intensive or deep repairing about this product.

In the end I just think this really isn't a great product I'll probably use it to just use it up if its the last resort I have but I will not be purchasing it again although its cheap for a £1 or £2 I have picked up some AMAZING hair masks just not this one sadly.
I know this could just be my hair getting on with the product some may love it but its just not something my hair agrees with.

Any good hair mask recommendations that you think I should try? let me know down below in the comments :)


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