Thursday, 7 March 2013

Birchbox UK Review & Unboxing February 2013

As I said in my Previous Post I know its late but as they say better late than never?? hehe

Now for February unlike Glossybox this month Birchbox wasn't Valentines day related it was the London Fashion week box which is actually something I really like I didn't really want to be receiving to very similarly themed boxes so that was great.

Ive always said this but the quality of the the boxes is always great with Birchbox super sturdy and great for storage yes I know this is a bit of a random thing to add tot he review lol

Vichy - Thermal Spa Water (Limited Edition). Price: £7 
This product has a few different uses that I really like its great if one product can do several different things. The thermal spa water can be used to set makeup, as a refreshing boost as well as a toner for the skin, whats not to love about that. I personally will be using it to set my makeup I'm still looking for the perfect setting spray so hopefully this will be it. The only thing that makes me think twice is this is like an aerosol can kind of worried how its going to spray out and not make my makeup run.

Korres - Guava Shower Gel. Price: £8
Korres has managed to mix two of my favorite things together in this Fruity smell and shower gel Im a shower gel/body wash hoarder so I am super excited about try this out, plus I have always wanted to try a korres product so it was win win for me :)

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills - Plump N'Thick Leave in Thickening Mist. Price: £13.90
When I first saw this I was pretty weary about it these thickening mists personally have never worked for me but this was actually pretty good it gives the hair a little lift without trying the hair like some of the powder volume products on the market these day. This little fella will be being added into my wet hair routine.

Gerda Spillmann - Bio Fond Cream Foundation. Price: £20
Ok so this is actually a product that really annoyed me while I am a HUGE fan of getting makeup in my boxes I really wish that they would actually look at our profiles that they make us fill out!!! This foundation is way way WAY to dark for my pasty white ass. I was advised to use it as an under foundation contoure which I very well might try but still its the principle of the thing if they want us to fill the profiles out actually read them Birchbox!

Eboost - Natural Energy Booster. Price: £20.99 (20pkts)
I think Ive received this before but I don't know where it went I must have thrown it out but anyway nice little extra I probably wont drink it id rather got get a rock star or a monster.

Eyelash Curler. Price: £10
I loved this little extra I didn't have an eyelash curler before this came never needed one before but such a great little extra.

All in all great box can wait for the next :)

Checkout my video on Feb's box:

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox UK follow the link - Sign up here *


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  1. I am LOVING your birchboxes!!!!! So so so so so jealous!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. I have been seriously impressed with these guys since they were taken over my Birchbox, Joliebox wasn't so great. If you interested we could be a beauty box exchange kinda thing at some point :)