Monday, 1 April 2013

Sinful Colors In Boots Stores NOW!!!

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Now if you are in the UK you probably haven't heard of Sinful Colors before well let me just tell you one of the best nail polishes out there hands down!!
Being on Youtube I had heard of Sinful colors every where so when I was finally able to get to a Walgreen's while in the US last year I went a little crazy! I only paid I think $1-$2 a polish and for once they have finally don't a reasonable conversion for the UK.
You'll be looking at £1.99 per polish in boots which is cheaper than Barry M but the quality for me is just SO much better I would compare these to China Glaze and OPI. Yeah that good!

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 They aren't in every store though which kind of sucks but if you are looking for some to try out you can order online :)

I did pick up a few colors while there and will probably be going back to get some more very soon. (Yes I know I have an obsession with nail polish)

The colors I picked up are very much spring colors and cant wait to wear them I am not 100% sure but I think they are from the new spring line please correct me if I am wrong.
Super cute names too!

Has your local Boots taken on Sinful Colors? any colors you think I should pick up next?


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