Monday, 8 April 2013

Recent JustFab Haul!

Recently I put an order in with JustFab for some new shoes. It seems that I think I don't have enough already because lets be serious you can never have enough shoes right?
I ordered two pairs some AMAZING boots and some super cute wedges which I cant wait to wear once the weather warms up (will that ever happen in the UK?....yea didn't think so)

So I don't really have any black boots in my collection I generally tend to by the tan colored one just because I always feel they go best with jeans but I saw these and just had to have them :)
What I really love about these is that they go with pretty much any color jeans I have, the heel although is high isn't to high and super easy to walk in for me anyway. The quality of the boots a pretty damn fantastic for £35 all of the JustFab Item I have bought have been seriously amazing!

Here is just a close up of the buckle detailing at the very top of the boot and the heel I love the little strap that goes behind the heel for some reason!

Now onto the more summery pair I picked up and these where in the sale section of the site which I had never really looked at but OMG i am so glad i did! I have been looking for a pair like these since forever. They remind me so much of the XTC shoes I used to lust over in my Jessica Simpson loving days, they just dont come with the $200-$300 price tag which is great.

Please don't mind the purple & Orange I know not a good look
These bad boys also came in a beige and a black but I wanted to go a little more summery and when for the orange I just think they will look really good with a pair of light wash skinny jeans, long linen pants or even a maxi dress :)
seriously LOVE these!

So that's my little haul of shoes.
This was NOT a sponsored post I purchased these with my own money :)

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