Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday!!

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I'm Loving...

Pinterest I am seriously addicted to this site!! I can seriously waste hours on it and I didn't realise there were so many link ups on here for pinterest related posts.....I apologize in advance for all posts of my fave pins lol

I'm Loving...
My Quote wall above my TV,  Its is filled with some of my favorite quotes from TV shows I thought it would fit perfectly and with the space I have around it I can add more If I want to :) I hung these so no doubt they are totally wonky lol  I think my 3 all time faves are the karen walker (Will&Grace) , Bobby Singer (Supernatural) & Meredith Grey ones (Grey's Anatomy).

I'm Loving...
Mane 'N' Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Condition and Mane 'N' Tail hair strengthener leave in condition. The BEST products ever!! My hair snaps a lot due to previous hair coloring, heat tool etc which has been driving me insane so I have been searching high and low online to see what I could find to help strengthen my hair and so far this have been AMAZING!!

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I'm Loving...
Tumblr... Yes I know its like a teenager version of Pinterest with Gif sets about there favorite TV shows but honestly I LOVE it lol I don't care that I am nearly 22 I am still a kid at heart and although it does spoil pretty much every TV show I love *cough* The walking dead & Sons of Anarchy *cough* and I end up finding out my fave character has been killed but hey lol

I'm Loving...
eBay Eyeshadow Pigments.
Back in January I ordered a 60 pigments from eBay it was a mix of colors and glitter and for eBay the quality is amazing!! I used these colors today on my eye and I am seriously in LOVE!

So that's everything I have been loving this week :)

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  1. I don't get Tumblr??? I think it's because I am old!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. TO be honest I had no idea what it was really until a few months ago when a friend was talking about it. its just reblogging pictures and Gif's no real logic behind it lol