Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday!!


 I'm Linking up with This Kind of Love for another What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

 I'm Loving...

Lemon Meringue Pie!! OMG it tastes just so good I cant even tell you how badly I wish I could live off this stuff lol

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 I'm Loving...

 Rudimental ft Ella Eyre - Waiting All Night, So I have been OBSESSED with this song and video! I think the video is the reason I love this song so much its just inspiring it's the journey of Kurt Yaeger (a pro BMX Champion and actor) from losing his leg in a motorbike accident to being able to ride his BMX again.

 I'm Loving...

 WTFSutter, Now I know most wont know what this is but if you know who Kurt Sutter is you might. So if you dont know who Mr Sutter is he is the Creator/Writer of Son's of Anarchy and every week does a serious on YouTube called WTFSutter which he answers questions from fans and gives updates on castings or any news for the upcoming season. Honestly how many writers or creators of TV shows/movies really take time out their day to make sometimes nearly 20 min videos interacting with their fans? I don't think I have seen anyone else do this its a nice touch plus he can ramble about the most random things funny as all hell!

I'm Loving...

Going on from the above Son's of Anarchy we are getting to the end of Season 5 over here in the UK. Seeing as I have access to the internet the season has already been spoiled and I know what happens which sucks but still my all time favorite show and well this image just explains it all...
for anyone that does watch sons my little opinion the season so far: I miss Opie, Tara annoys me as the episodes go by but maybe that's because I love Gemma so much? I want to hate Clay for causing all the shit he has but Ron Perlman plays him so I just cant lol 

I'm Loving...

MisterEpicMann, right I found this guy on YouTube about a month or so ago and he had around 10k subscribers if that and now he is on well over a Million!! I seriously recommend watching the Patients Tests 1 & 2 and How Animals Eat Their Food You will be crying from laughter I sure as hell did.

 That's all for this week :)

What are you loving this Wednesday??

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  1. That is the only pie I will ever eat. And I only like the lemon part, but it is delicious!

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