Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday iPhone Dump!

For the first time I am linking up for Friday iPhone Dump with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

I have found recently though since upgrading to the iPhone 5 I barely take any pictures on it. I used to take an insane amount of pictures on my 4s which makes no sense when the 5 has a much better camera... anyway onto the photo dump!!

1. Just a cute picture of 1 of my kitties Cali woke up with her like this next to me lol oh and yea she is names after Calleigh Duquesne from CSI Miami.

2. I bought a crap load of Candles while at Ikea this past week I'm pretty sure I have an obsession with candles I have WAY to many yet wont stop buying them. Anyone want to see a candle collection??

3. So we had a new system launched at work this past week and it asked up to create a password normally I wouldn't take a picture of something so boring but after watching Toby Turners PASSWORD RANT (Hilarious btw) I was expecting to be asked what my favorite gum drop is haha

4. Just a random photo of my friend Laura over at Dinomakeup and I in Urban Outfitters with these amazing glasses with mustaches lol

5. While at Ikea I found my perfect bedroom that came with a closet/dressing room and bathroom oh how I could dream of having that..... I seriously do love the colors the decorating in the little set up.

6. all I can say is YUMMY! My mum randomly decided to make a Trifle. I am not a huge trifle fan but ti was pretty tasty especially the custard and dream topping NOM!

7. I have finally finished my TV show quote wall that's going to go above my TV I love it and cant wait to hang them all up it has some of my favorite quotes in it! I plan to just change them out every now and again if I fancy a change in quotes :)

8. My current nails!! These are actually nail wraps I have never used them before and I have to say super easy to apply and super cute expect a review coming up in the next week or so on these bad boys!!

So thats everything in this week iPhone dump :)

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