Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Reverse Ombre?

So Im pretty sure everyone has heard of Ombre I mean its EVERYWHERE and has been the last 12 months whether it be in fashion or hair.
While I didn't jump on the bandwagon of Ombreing my hair when it first became super popular I wish I could have but having super blonde hair at the time I didn't want to let my roots grow out or darken them at the time. I did dye the underneath of my hair super dark int he summer though and love it and my sister who used to have super blonde hair and dyed a pretty big chunk of her tips bright red which looked amazing and I wish I could have done that but at the time work just wouldnt allow me to.
Recently I came across a picture on Pinterest of a women with a reverse Ombre as they called it and I have been obsessed with the look!

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I super popular Ombre Style
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*Image Credit: Pinterest: Hair section.

This is the hair I have been OBSESSING over for the last 2 week I'm going between thinking I could pull it off to thinking it would look terrible on my straight hair. I put enough heat on my hair to get it straight frim being a fizzy mess so I dont want to add more plus my hair doesn't hold a curl at all but I think that has something to do with be having the wrong size curling iron.

Image Credit: Pinterest
The one main reason I want to do this is I want to have super dark ends so they can recover from previous chemical damage from being blonde for so long. With trying to get my hair to be in healthy condition I had considered going super hair get it healthy and then slowly go back blonde again but I just don't suit dark hair and I don't think I ever will so that's out the window.

Its my birthday month in May and I was thinking of treating myself to getting my hair done and not doing it myself for the first time in god knows how many years. 

So please help me do you like the reverse Ombre look? Do you think it would look good on straight hair or just curled hair?  If you hate it or dont think it would work out please let me know what you think a cool new hair style/color for summer would be I really need a change :)

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  1. The source for two of your photos is actually from my flickr account, as they are both clients of mine. You may link them here:
    and here:

    Thank you.
    Ursula Goff

    1. Very sorry didn't realize Ill update it. Thanks for letting me know.

      ~ C