Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Window Shop Wednesday!!

I have been thinking of creating a few weekly posts to go along with YouTuber Tuesday so Window Shop Wednesday will be joining the Party!!

This is just going to be a miss match of pretty anything I have been lusting over or well window shopping for even though its online so I don't think that really counts does it? oh well hehe
 I will leave the links/prices down below for the items I have posted :)

1. Skull Print Sheer Shirt from ROMWE - $31.35
2. Black Zip Washed Messenger Bag from River Island - £25
3. Serpent Scarf from All Saints - £85
4. Faye lace Up Riding Boot from - £30
5. MOTO Cherry Leigh Skinny Jeans from Topshop - £38
6. Soft Tome Skinny Jeans from Love Culture - $25.90 
7. Large Personalized Monogram Necklace from BaubleBar - $120
8. Did I Studder Sweater from - £31
9. Painters Button Up Blouse from - £33
10. Flag Print Hooded Sweat Hoodie from ROMWE - $49.99

 Seeing as we are still in winter here in the UK it is way to cold to even be thinking about Spring/Summer clothes so these are pretty much still fall/winter clothing. Wish warmer weather would hurry up!!
There a def a few items above I will be purchasing next month seeing as May is my Birthday month I think I can go a little crazy right?

 Anything you have been window shopping recently?

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* I really hope Window Shopping is a worldwide term and not just a British thing or this isn't going to make any sense to people out of the UK lol

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