Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Social: Twitter Edition ❤

Sunday Social

I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for this weeks Sunday Social Twitter Edition!!

1. When did you join twitter?
 I'm pretty sure I joined Twitter WAY before people really knew what it was I mean there was like no celebrities on there or anything. Not sure when it was made but pretty soon after that lol

2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?
*Ok I thought about it and changed my mind on this lol*
Fave Non - celeb person I follow is @MissKelliJones she is the Costume designer for Sons of Anarchy You have to have the right sense of humor to find her funny or like her tweets but I love it!

3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow?
 Hands down Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) he is freaking hilarious! I normally cant stand people that tweet celebrities asking for tweets back but he does reply to a lot of fans and his comments always make be laugh.
4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?
 I've had a few Youtubers reply to be in the past and Dog the Bounty Hunter DM'd me about something way back but no one really famous. 

5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow? 
 Bath & Body Works I am obsessed with them I wish they would just bring the brand to the UK already!! 

6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.

I honestly have no idea lol I only really follow Celebs, Youtubers & Wrestlers lol

That's all for this weeks Sunday Social from me :)

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  1. Visiting from Sunday to see the different people others follow.