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Birchbox UK Unboxing & Review April 2013

This months box I was a little disappointed in I'm not sure if that's because I was so impressed with GlossyBox this month or if was just a not so great box..

This months box theme was in Bloom for the spring time
 A sneak peek inside the box...

Lets get into the products..

Gerda Spillmann - Renaissance Age Serum. Price: £69.00
Now I am not really on the whole anti age bandwagon although I feel I should be I find it hard enough to have a skincare routine that keeps my skin from being drier than the desert let alone throwing in anti aging creams and serums. I am looking forward to trying this though but I guarantee I will love it and it will be amazing things for my skin and then I will have to justify the £69 price tag O.O ekk.

 La Societe Parisienne De Savons - La Violette De Parme Soap. Price: £8.50

Ok so I am not a huge fan of bars of soap but OMG this smells amazing!! Reminds me of being a kid and my Mum having Parma Violet Candies they taste amazing and the soap smells just like it! I probably wont use the soap and will just keep it in a draw to smell nice.

Mirenesse - Glossy Kiss. Price: £17.50

Umm WOW just want to say first off this is way over priced! You can get these style lip products for so much less and still be amazing quality. My main problem with the product apart from the fact that is so expensive is the fact that its plastic so when you want to sharpen it ones you have used it you can't. They say you can but I don't see any sharpener getting through the outta casing.
The one thing I was actually happy with this though is that it doesn't come out the color that is shown on the end of the pencil its a pretty nice raspberry color with a little shimmer, very buildable.

Weleda - Skin Food. Price: £8.95

From what I read before the boxes actually arrived was that this was the thing everyone was wanting in there box now I don't know if that's because it is a very good product that's all natural or the fact that its one of Victoria Beckham's favorites. This all natural moisturiser is meant to soften dry heels and elbows with ease, for me its not something I will ever use but its a nice size sample to receive for those that do you these kind of creams.

Natio - Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. Price £6.80
This I think has to be the most exciting product for me anyway in this box I love new cleansers as I still haven't found one I really really love yet. Cant wait to try it out and for the price I will def be happy to buy it again if it helps my skin. The cleanser is designed to prevent skin feeling taut or dry which can happen to mine when I get out the shower.


Birchbox - Paname Paris Mirror. Price: £7.50

Eh Its a mirror not a whole lot I can say about it it'll be handy to throw in my purse I suppose. No Beauty extra this week though hmmm.

So that's it for this months Birchbox not overly impressed and no where near the amazingness of Glossy this month. Better luck next time Birchbox.

Check out the video on this months box:

*C O M I N G S O O N*

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