Tuesday, 9 April 2013

YouTube Tuesday

I really wanted to start something that Incorporated my YouTube with this blog a little bit more so I thought about how and that's how YouTube Tuesday came about!!

I have been on YouTube going on nearly 2 years now as a content creator and recently just hit my 1 year anniversary in the beauty community and well as a new YouTuber you really don't have anything as harsh as it sounds it unfortunately true. Its very unlikely that you are going to spring to having hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a few short months and that is purely down to the fact that YouTube has messed around so much with how to search for new content etc and it really hasn't been a good thing for those that want to get noticed on there.

So what I wanted to do is create YouTube Tuesday to feature a YouTuber I have come across that I feel deserves to have more subscribers and should really be noticed a little bit more :)

Yes I know I don't have well barely any Subscribers myself but hey its still nice if someone that does read this blog can come across someone they hadn't heard of before and turns out loving them!! 

To kick off the YouTube Tuesday I am going to start with another fellow English Beauty vlogger :
If you love hauls and favorites she will be a perfect person for you to watch :) I have been watching her videos for a while now and although I love watching US YouTuber's its great to see other Brits talk about products that I can easy get here!! Plus she loves Primark as much as I do!!
if you would like to check out her blog as well click here

Is there any YouTuber's you think I should check out? please let me know down below, or is it that you are a YouTuber yourself? Id love to check out you channel :)

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