Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Favorite Must Have Spring Nail Polish ❤

As we all know I am nail polish crazy like I have just over 200 bottles of the stuff and still continue to buy more as new collections are released and spring/summer are my favorite collections to look at and buy so here it is my Spring must have nail polishes!

Spring always brings out the pastel colors in my collection like Im sure it does with everyone else so this is a mix between pastel colors with the odd bright thrown in. I feel brights are very much summer colors so keep an eye out for that post once summer hits :)

I am a huge cream and high shine fan for nail polish while I still love glitters and shimmers i find myself draw more towards the cream bases well recently anyway.
Lets get into this!!

As you can see these match the swatches at the very top :)

The Peachy Pinks..
Models Own: Peach Sherbet - Super cute color for both toes and fingers not too bright but still have a great spring pop. It very much matches its name I think of sherbet when I see it. Models Own in its self is a very good nail polish brand great quality and if you can find a good deal on them then they are always worth the price.

Wet 'N' Wild: Sugar Coat - I just love this very subtle if you don't want a huge pop of color this is the one more on the peachy side of pink and super cheap for the quality of the polish!

Essie: Fiji - I picked this up after seeing so many people rave about it and I am so glad I did. Like the Wet 'N' Wild not a crazy stand out color but still a really nice creamy color this is very much a girlie baby pink.

The Hot pink & Lilac..
 China Glaze: Dance Baby - I have been loving this bad boy recently the best hot pink that isnt neon or over the top in my opinion. It come out on the nail alot more pink than in the bottle great pop of color for a spring day. China Glaze is hands down my fave brand even though on the pricy side I just love them!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Lacey Lilac - You cant go through spring without wearing a lilac at least once and this has to be my favorite this season. This is really a True purple lilac apposed to the pink tone purples, this I feel with transition into summer and work great to.

The Minty Yellows..
China Glaze: Re-Fresh Mint - Ok so this right here is probably my favorite out of everything! I was obsessed with this color last year and I feel it will happen again its the best minty green apple color I will be repurchasing this so I don't run out over spring!!

Revlon: Sunshine Sparkle - Now this is I think the only color that isn't a cream base and does have a slight sparkle in it. This will be more of a toe color for myself but I think would still work amazing as a finger nail color. Although the polish is more on the sheer side it does need a second or third coat depending on how opaque you want the color.

Barry M Jelly Shine: Greenberry - I am a mint color fanatic if you hadn't noticed already hehe so the fact that with his super shiny as well OMG amazing!! I had this color on for at least a week recently which is a long time for me. Barry M is super cheap and amazing quality couldn't ask for a better polish!

Have you got any polish you would recommend for me to try out for this season or leading into summer? please let me knowing the comments below I always love trying out new colors and polish brands :)

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