Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday


It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with  This Kind of Love for What I'm loving Wednesday :D

I'm Loving...

Iggy Azalea - Work.

Just Love this song!! It has been on every music channel I change to cant help singing along!! Beware it does has explicit lyrics if you aren't a fan of that Id find the clean version if you can :)

I'm Loving...

CSI/Criminal Minds.

I have always loved these kind of shows but I have been watching a lot of these 2 on the Living TV reruns. I have I think all of Criminal Minds of DVD now but I have been trying to get my hands on CSI for years with not have to spend a stupid amount of money. Plus I have always secretly wanted to be and FBI agent or a CSI I feel like I could handle the bodies for some reason even thought I have very week stomach haha, but seriously it would be such a cool job. 

I'm Loving...
French Manicure White Tips.

So I finally got my nails filled in yesterday it was well overdue but I managed to snap 2 off and it just looked worse but for the first time I like in nearly a year I decided to go for white tips instead of a color. While have nearly 200 bottles of nail polish myself I am really loving just the french manicure look. This will probably only last a few days and I'll be bored with it haha

I'm Loving...

Summer Drinks.

I love that now the sun is out its more acceptable to order more for the summery drinks at Starbucks and Costa! I'm stupidly excited to be drinking Mango Passion fruit Tazo Tea and fruit blends :) So yummy!

 So that's everything I am loving this week :) 
What are you loving?

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