Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review/Haul: Lush Uplifted Gift Box, Up Up and Away!

2 weekends ago was my birthday and part of my gift from my sister was the uplifted gift box from Lush, this was my first ever time I'd tried anything from Lush I have always saw how hyped it all was. Plus every time I walked past the store I always wanted to go in and see what it was about but the smell is well a little overwhelming to say the least and it always seemed it was Bath bombs and nothing else. Little did I know it was a whole lot more than just that.
The Uplifted gift box is a mixture of shower, face and soap and I love it all!

"The idea of this gift was to have a contents and design that would leave you feeling uplifted! Are you allergic to early mornings? Or feeling a little down in the dumps. Turn those frowns upside-down and open up this happy, carefree box of goodies."

 All of the lovely goodies :)

1. Bohemian Soap.

I am not a huge bar of soap kinda person I much prefer body wash or liquid soap, I just find that bars of soap are so much hassle to use and store. This though OMG it smells amazing, it has a heavy scent of lemons but its not over powering just a really great fresh citrus scent. leaves skin feeling super soft to.

2. Happy Hippy Shower Gel.

This is probably my favorite from the whole box it smells of yummy grapefruit and lathers really nice when using it. I have been using this pretty much every time I shower since I opened it and the product never seems to go down in the little 100g bottle, I'm pretty sure it will be a long time before I need to repurchase this and I will def be doing that!

3. Dirty Springwash Shower Gel.
This honestly has to be the worst smelling body wash I have ever smelt. Really not a fan I will probably only use it if I don't have anything else or I'll take it with me when I travel because it really is a grate size for that. The scent is a combination of spearmint and menthol now I do love spearmint unfortunately just not in this case.

4. Whoosh Shower Jelly.

Ok so to me this is a whole new concept I have never heard of shower jelly until now and honestly it totally confuses me on how this works from what I have read. People say it doesn't lather or disappear, so what do I do throw it out? put it back in the pot? I feel like I am being really freaking stupid over this lol. Anyway Love Love Love the scent a mixture of Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit and Rosemary lucky you don't get to much of the come across in the smell it is dominantly a citrus scent which is very much ok with me :).

5. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

Again this is something I had never used or really come across until this gift box and I must say I am a fan so far. I am not loving to scent to me it smell very plasticish (yes I'm aware that not a word) but still bearable and ones you rub it in you really don't smell it to much. I only really used this on my knees and ankles before applying moisturizer with fake tan in it and it worked really really well! You get a pretty big tub and a little goes a long way really does leave skin super soft.

6. Ocean Salt Facial Scrub.
This right here has pretty much become my holy grail of face products recently, I kid you not the results that this gives are fantastic! I have very dry skin and it can be pretty sensitive at time, with this being a salt scrubs I was kind of worried that it would irritate that and make it worse but I was so wrong.  I found when I first use it I was a little heavy handed and applied a little to much so you really don't need as much as you might first think. I do apply all over the face but I really focus my attention on my nose, cheeks and forehead those are my problem areas, since using this my skin has felt so much softer and my makeup glides on so much nicer.

All in all I am pretty much in love with this gift box of goodies and so happy I have discovered the wonderful world of lush products.

Seeing as I am new to the world of Lush is there any products you think I really must try??

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