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*BRAND NEW FIRST EVER* Miss Glossybox Unboxing & Review May 2013

As some may know here in the UK Glossybox just released a new bi-monthly box called Miss Glossybox. It is slightly different from the currently Glossybox thought it is aimed id say more at the younger late teens early 20's, from just the first box alone it has more beauty items, no actual box its a bag very similar to Birchbox, it only comes once every 2 months and is around £9 once shipping as been added.

I will just say I am very happy with this box it arrived today which was super fast seeing as they only took the payment a day or so ago! I have seen a lot of people complaining on there Facebook page about the products are good an it doesn't total to the amount of the box but I am so happy and impressed with the item I received. My one annoyance though is I like the surprise of these beauty boxes but this one wasn't they posted pictures everywhere when they first launched it of the products we would be getting, now I don't know if that's because its their first box and they wanted to get the word out and give an idea of products but I hope they don't do that every time a new box comes out.

Anyway enough of my rambling lets get on with the box...

Love the green box and the overall design I am actually pretty glad it didn't come in a proper box because I always have way to many of those just hanging around in rooms of the house.

Sneak Peak into the bag!

Anyway lets get into the products...

Amie - Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. Price: £4.95 for 75ml -

This honestly is the most amazing clay mask I have ever tried I have received 2 of these samples from previous boxes and I have actually purchased a full size. Totally worth the money, it has done amazing things for my skin!!

So...? Dry Shampoo - In Va Va Volume and Lovely. Price: £2.49 for 150ml - Saver Stores

Cant say no to a good dry shampoo and one that adds a little volume I am all for that! Plus with it being a little travel size product its going to be great to be able to just throw in my purse for one the go use :)

Molly Mabel Popband - in Green. Price: £4 - £8 -

Again this is something I have receive in other boxes not by this particular brand but I have from other brands and wow these ones are over priced!! I am sorry but no way in hell would I pay £4 - £8 for a twist band although they have named then Popbands. Ill use it because i really do like these elastic hair ties but yea over priced!

2True Cosmetics - Glitterati Nail Polish in Shade 6. Price: £1.99 for 7ml -

finally a glitter polish in a subscription box i see all these box reviews from the US with nail polish in them and well you know me and nail polish. Cant wait to try this out when I change my nail polish :)

Beautyuk - Line & Define Eye Pencil. Price: £1.99 -

Eye liners are one of those things I seem to accumulate and im not really sure how but this is super pigmented and great staying power! Super cheap for the quality of this great product!!

Eye Rock - Eye Tattoos.

Now this isn't on the card that was in the package so I have no idea how much they cost or were to buy them I haven't really seen them around. I think this is a pretty cool idea thought Id love to figure out a way that this would look good in a look, maybe a future tutorial? let me know :)

Multicolor Nail File & Nail Clippers.

Again another product that wasn't on the info card so not sure on price or were you can buy these. First of all love the design super summery and great travel sized products will be keeping this for the next time I travel :)

Glossybox Heart Lollipop.

I received this in the February edition of Glossybox tastes of strawberries yummy!

So that is everything from the first ever Miss Glossybox very impressed with the first box!!

If you'd like to Miss Glossybox click here :) *

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