Tuesday, 21 May 2013

UK vs USA: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

As someone who travels to the USA as much as I can over the years I have come across a lot of products over there that we don't get here in the UK. Things like Maybelline Baby Lips, Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation just to name 2 and there are a ton of brands we don't get here either like Milani, Hard Candy, Wet 'n' Wild, Physicians Formula and so many more.

Every now and again we get lucky and they finally bring a product out here that has been out in the US going on 2 years, which to me is really strange because we still do get a lot of the same products launched at the same time but a few they just don't bother with. They happen to be the ones I usually really want to get my hands on though haha.

The Maybelline Mega Plush has just come to the UK and I thought it would be a good thing to blog about and see if there are any difference in the US and the UK versions.
I will point out this mascara is one of my favorites I have 2 back ups and I have 2 currently being used plus now the UK one I have.

As you can see they do have some difference between the 2 not huge just the packaging it self is different which isn't surprising they are going to market it differently to different countries. The tube as well has some difference and I find that with a lot of Maybelline mascara's here have the same look they are more pointed at the top and bottom opposed to the US one that is very flat which is great for standing the product up on a vanity.

Now onto the wands...


 At first look the wands to look pretty similar and they are with just a few subtle differences. I find that the UK wand is a little bit short and not a plump as the US one and because of the slightly different handle is a little harder to apply but nothing major. When applying the mascara they both go on really nicely and they are both super buildable so if you want the more subtle and coverage you just need to apply one coat if you want to build it up to give more of a false lash look just add a few more coats. 

Here is the finished look.

They do look pretty much the same but I do find the US one does win out with giving that little bit extra volume!

So If you are a UK girlie and had seen this product raved about in the USA and wanted to try it seriously go out and buy it it is well worth it. Some may wonder why I have done the comparison between the 2 when they are the same product, honestly for someone who is in the US a reasonable amount of time throughout the year you see a lot of products not just makeup and then when it finally makes its way over to the UK it can be completely different with the stupid laws that stop certain things being used in products or how certain things are illegal here in the UK or the US even *Cough* Mt Dew & Kinder Eggs *Cough*

Would you be interested to see other comparison as they come out to the UK? let me know down below :)

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