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Glossybox Turns 2!! May 2013 Unboxing & Review

As the title to this post says Glossybox turned 2 this month and you know what that means.... BIRTHDAY BOX!! Some may remember last years birthday box some pretty great products and the thing everyone remembers was the balloon they threw in there.
I was pretty impressed with the first birthday box but this one knocked that outta the park I LOVE everything that I got in my box this month! 
Also another amazing thing about this box everything is FULL SIZE!!

  Super freaking cute tissue paper this month!!
  A Quick look at the products....

Awapuhi Wild Ginger - Shine Spray. Price: £18.95 for 125ml -

Its a hair product so of course I am going to be excited to try this out, now I have tried a hair treatment by Awapuhi before and I LOVE it so I really hope that this does disappoint! "Used by Hawaiian Natives to nourish and moisturise skin and hair, leaving hair types soft, silky and hydrated" I myself have very dry hair due to previous use of dye and heat so if it does all those things I will have found my new favorite product!

Collection - Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black. Price: £2.99 for 6 ml -

I have just recently started getting back into using liquid liner I predominantly just use pencil liners, then every now and again use liquid to fail at doing a winged liner haha. I have never had a problem with the collection brand so I think this is going to be a hit!

Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes Mascara. Price: £15 -

Total Mascara Junkie right here!! I know some will hate the fact that I don't pay attention to the whole I have to throw away my mascara every 6 months but its just something I love to buy and change up regularly. I am so glad to receive one in a box, I usually go for the voluminous and lengthening types and well this really don't do a whole lot for my lashes but it does give a nice look for if I am not wanting to go to over the top.

Headline Colors - Pool Side Party Nail Polish in Gunmetal. Price: £9 for 10ml -

ok are you started to see why I am loving this box!! I can never have enough nail polish and even though this isn't a very spring/summer color I will still wear it no matter what the color looks so pretty on and only takes one coat!

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Prime & Create Mixing Medium. Price: £20 for 20g -

This I think was the most intriguing of everything that came in the box, this aloe vera based gel is designed to be used for turning power makeup into cream from foundation & blush to eye shadow pigments. I plan on trying it out with some pigments I have been using them a lot recently and id love to see how it can improve the application of them. I will probably go a review or update after I have tried it out :)

With it being the birthday box these are just some little extras they threw in some Glossybox nail files & Green and Black's chocolate. I think it was a nice little touch.

So that's everything for this months Glossybox keep an eye out my video it will be up very soon :)

Are you subscribed to Glossybox? what did you get this month? Let me know Id love to see some of the other products that went out.

If you aren't already signed up to Glossybox but would like to click Here

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