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Review: Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Scented Nail Polish

Yet again I am late to the party on an amazing new thing (I really need to some how become more up to date with whats being launch in the beauty world) 
Anyway while in boots the other day I came across and AMAZING mint colored name polish from Models Own and well we all know how I like me some mint nail polish and if you don't well its a lot.
It wasn't until I had wondered round and looked at other products that it said scratch & sniff on the top of the polish. 

I had heard about a few brands doing the whole scented nail polish but I had never actually smelt any and well I must say I am pretty impressed. 

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They have 5 scents in the collection: Strawberry, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Grape
They only had a few scents at my local boots I don't think it was the whole collection so it try it out I picked up the mint green (Apple Pie) and the yellow (Banana Split)

I am currently wearing the Apple Pie and Loving it! Very much my color and perfect for the spring/summer (well if you can all the week straight of rain we are going to receive over the next 7 days here in England spring/summer)

I'm actually a pretty big fan of apple scents as a kid I always loved apple flavored candy and now I love apple smelling candles so this was a big hit for me, its a true smell to what a fresh apple smells like. 
My only really annoying this about this is the fact that it can go on a little streaky I have 2 coats on which makes it a pretty opaque color but it off patches its not such a strong color. Not sure if that's my own fault, also I have found the cap become detached from the brush.

I think this will be the next one I paint my nails with I love banana scents and well this does not disappoint it really just smell like a banana and not the artificial banana smell its yummy. 

I have never been a a big fan on Models Own nail polish but after I have tried the few I do own I will be looking out for new polishes from them more often the formula is great and they glide on great apart from the odd patch of streakyness as mentioned above.

I will be on the look out for the other 3 scents for £5 you cant really go wrong especially when boots at the moment have a buy 1 get 1 half price going on :) or you can pick then up from the

Hand you tried any of this collection what did you think?

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