Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Its that time of the week again for What I;m loving Wednesday an Im linking up with This Kind of Love for it :)

I'm Loving...
- 8 Simple rules. Anyone remember that show? katey Sagal & John Ritter? I picked up the first 2 season for my sister as part of her Birthday gift for month we have been wanting them so we can re watch the show. I have been watching it for the last few days and remember how much i LOVE this show! Its getting to the end of season 1 and I kind of don't want to watch season 2 because 3 episodes in John Ritter passed away.

I'm Loving...

- Lush!! So I have finally jumped on the Lush bandwagon having not tried anything before this weekend I have already spent a lot of money on their products lol I am in love with some of their products they will def be in my monthly faves this month :) 

I'm Loving...
- MAC Cosmetics. So over the weekend I picked up a few MAC items that I have been eyeing for months and I now find myself stalking their website, Bad idea Caitlin Bad idea!!

I'm Loving...

- Corgi's! To some this isn't a huge surprise but I am OBSESSED with Corgi's and I seem to be searching them more and more on Pinterest. They are just the cutest little doggies with the short little legs and the adorable Corgi butts!!!

I'm loving...

- The fact my favorite TV show Son's of Anarchy started up filming the season 6 today, So excited!!

So thats all for the things I'm loving this month :)

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