Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with my friend Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts :)

- Hopefully my Miss Glossybox should arrive tomorrow cant wait to see whats in it, hopefully it'll be a great box!!

- eBay annoys me! I ordered something for my twins birthday in early april from Illinois it arrived in 4 days (Umm WOW) anyways it was faulty so had to sent it back and now it is taking forever for the replacement to arrive. It better be here by Saturday.

- I officially have no TV shows to watch anymore The Walking Dead ended a few weeks back and Son's of Anarchy finished last night. What the heck am I meant to watch now TWD wont be back till October and if I cant find a way to what the new SOA when it airs in the US I have to wait till Jan/Feb of NEXT year not happy about that one!

- Next week I am starting two 30 day challenges Squats & Crunches I hope this will actually do something along with my running.

- I have only had the iPhone 5 since February but the Samsung Galaxy S4 just came in at work and the staff deal is crazy good MUST RESIST!

- Next few weeks I am finally back on having regular days off at work which means I can finally film some new videos I have been so annoyed at myself for not having the time to film once I get home from work :(

- My favorite candle is almost gone. I cant get enough of this scent smell amazing!

So that's all for this weeks Thursday Thoughts :)

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