Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It beginning to look a lot like christmas....

Ekkk so freaking excited everywhere is starting to look like Christmas and this past Monday I was a little down so I decided screw it I'm going to decorate for Christmas and I don't even care that its not December yet (we normally don't get the Tree and everything until the weekend of the 12th December). Here is a few pics okay a crap load of pics of my bedroom that's the only place I have fully decorated so far Ill be updating once everything has had Christmas thrown up on it :D
It seriously just needs to snow already and Ill be happy!!!

 These are my newest purchase and they are too freaking cute I cant stand it!! I picked the 2 little Santa's?? and the house from Dunelm Mill (If you have 1 near by do check it out they have a few different colors and styles!!) these little fellas were originally on my window ledge but had to move them they are now sat under my little Christmas tree.

 I have been nuts about fairy lights pretty much all my life. So I decided these will probably be perminant things with a string across the top of my headboard and around the top of the room. I think Im going to add a second string around the top to make it look a little brighter :) 
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I went a little nuts with the Bokehful App on my iPhone lol

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?? or got any cute idea's planned??


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