Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Photo Dump!

Just a few pictures I've taken throughout October :) Can't believe tomorrow is November 1st!! Not long till my favorite time of year! CHRISTMAS :D

My FAVORITE Show!! Son's Of Anarchy <3 span="span">
 My favorite Candle right now! It smells so freaking good!
 The Cutest Candles ever I couldn't pass them up they where like £2 from Tesco.
 So they finally have Sour Patch Kids in the UK and let me tell you they have NOTHING on the USA ones. They just don't taste the same :(
 I love candles this month apparently lol
 Cali Cat Attacking my head phones.
 Mmmm nom nom nom fruit bread toasted.
 A few casual at home outfits from the other week.
 That's not how you spell it but good try haha
 If you can try this do. it is so yummy!!
I havent brought a freaking CD in YEARS but I had to pick up Red by Taylor Swift, seriously my favorite album right now.

 Last night while in bed watching Will&Grace my little kitty cat Cali curled up my a retard she is :)
 Writting blog posts and Photoshopping some stuff for here.
The sky earlier in the month so pretty!

Stay tuned for more Posts coming soon :)

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