Thursday, 25 October 2012

October 2012 SheSaidBeauty Unboxing & Review

I promise this will be the last beauty box review....well until next month hehe

SheSaidBeauty is probably one of my favorite beauty boxes to get in the mail it is very rare that I get a bad box which is always great when your spending £10ish a month for each box and unfortunatly like the other 2 boxes I recieved this month it wasnt over the moon fantastic but still pretty good. Its not the worst box Ive ever recieved but I looked at a product or two and thought Umm why did you put this in the box.
So lets get into the box....

 I have always been a fan of SheSaidBeauty's packaging (I am a big sucker for packaging of all kinds) the aqua and hot pink just goes so well together.

The products!!!

1. Cellnique - Advanced Bio Renewal Masque.
I must admit I am loving all these face products that I think all 3 boxes I'm subscribed to are putting in but its going to get to a point where I never want to see a face product again so maybe stop while your ahead SheSaidBeauty?. 
Anyway I'm really looking forward to trying this its only a tiny sample but it should be enough for me to get an idea of if I like it or not. Its a scrub masque that's "formulated with a complex of fresh fruit enzymes and acids" and its meant to "exfoliate away dead skin cells and deeply cleanses pores" which for me who is someone that has pore problems around my nose area i think this will be perfect.
A 50g pot retails for $51.
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2. B.Liv - Off With Those Heads.
So this is the second face products in this months box which although i wont be using all the time i think will become pretty handy when it is needed. Its decribed as a "light cooling gel that promises to remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads" the products is also meant to apparently prevent future irritation and breakouts. I always take products that say those kind of things with a pinch of salt only because everyones skin types are different they cant really quarrenty that kinda of thing either way though will be intersting to try this product out.
A 30ml tube retails for $49 and a 45ml is $63 +shipping
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3. Herbacin - Wuta Kamille Hand Cream.
I absolutely LOVE this product its probably my second favorite in the box. I tried a small bit of this when I opened it all up and let me just say a little goes a long way!! I looked at the tin to begin with and thought this wont last very long but I think it really will well i hope so anyway. The hand cream is made up from all natural ingrediance and is designed to protect you hands against all weather type. This is def a throw in your handbag type item and the packaging is super cute, all round a great little product and Im glad this was the full size product in the box.
A 20ml tin retails for 99p and a 100ml for £3.49.

4. Biao - Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme.
This is the final face product in the box and Ive actually seen a few people get 2 sachet's of these am I the only person that only got 1? anyway I actually use a night cream daily, I always used to think night cream was for the older generation but I honestly cant live without it now. Ive personally never heard of this brand but honestly most of the products I receive Ive never heard of but the night cream is designed to sooth, moisturize and protect against premature aging. It'll be nice to try it out and see how it compares to my current night cream.
A 118ml bottle retails for $24.50.
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5. KeraStraight - Moisture and Protein Masks.
Now these are the products in the box I am hands down the most excited for!! Recently I have been really into trying different hair products since my hair is pretty damaged from dye and heat tools etc so I love trying things that can repair or protect my hair and anything that has keratin in I'm down to try. The two masks are described as being able to "Smooth and Renew hair inside and out" Super excited to try this out and the packets are actually a decent size so very happy :).
A 100ml pot retails for £25.

5. Myvitamins - D3 Food Supplements. *SSB TREAT*
This is the product that when I opened up my box I thought HUH why is this in a beauty box? and honestly I still don't know. I know this is an extra little thing in the box a treat apparently but id rather they didn't both I'm never going to use these and from what Ive read a lot of people are disappointed with this.
The packet retails for £2.49.

All in all I am pretty impressed with this months box and I do hope that SheSaidBeauty continues to impress me :)
 If you would like to sign up follow the link here :) 

If you would like to check out my Youtube video about this month beauty boxes click the link below

*I am in no way affiliated with SheSaidBeauty, these thoughts are very much my own :)


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